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Does This Please You? Fan-fiction Dragon Age story

I have written another Dragon Age fan-fiction explicit short story. This one was written as a gift for the Dragon Age Day fundraiser as one of the rewards offered to contributors of the charity campaign. This one was written for Gynedroid.

Note, this excerpt will remain PG, and will link to the warning page before you proceed to the actual story.

Nathaniel Howe realises just how much he loves Elsa Cousland,
and commits to pleasing her for the rest of his life.

Nathaniel looked back at the cave’s opening through which Elsa had disappeared, his heart sinking, as he nocked another arrow on his bow. He let the arrow loose right into the forehead of the darkspawn barrelling towards him.
        ‘Right between the eyes, hehe,’ laughed Oghren.
        ‘On your left!’ cried Anders.
        Nathaniel turned and sent another volley of arrows, while the apostate sent a burst of flames towards the approaching ogre.
        The three took several steps back, moving further away from the mouth of the cave.
        ‘I don’t like this!’ Nathaniel hissed.
        ‘None of us like darkspawn, pretty boy,’ said Oghren.
        ‘Elsa hasn’t returned since entering that cave!’
        ‘She’s probably just finishing off all the darkspawn we’re failing to kill,’ said Anders, readying another spell, his hands lifting high into the air.
        ‘But the darkspawn are coming from the cave!’ argued Nathaniel, giving another killing blow to a hurlock.
        ‘Is your heart yearning?’ Oghren looked at Nathaniel in a mock pout while hacking his axe at the ogre. Surprisingly, he didn’t miss his shot.
        Nathaniel ignored the dwarf and stabbed a genlock with the arrow he was about to nock. He dodged an incoming attack, sliding beneath the ogre and coming up on the other side. Turning, he lifted his bow to aim when Anders’s magic flared in a wild arc, and the ogre and surrounding darkspawn went down in one blow.
        ‘And that’s why you don’t keep a mage chained,’ Anders said, a smug expression on his face.
        The calm of the still air descended on the group. Nathaniel looked back towards the cave.
        ‘It’s been too long,’ he said. He started towards the cave.
        Anders took hold of his arm, stopping him. ‘We don’t know what’s down there.’
        The cave was quiet, which meant that wherever Elsa had been pushed to was much farther than Nathaniel could bear.
        ‘I don’t care; I’m going after her.’ Nathaniel shoved Anders off him. He was going to find Elsa, no matter what it took. ‘And I’ll go in there alone if I have to.’ His heart ached, not only from being away from her, but also from the fear that she might be injured or worse.
        Nathaniel took a few cautious steps into the cave, his bow ready, eyes darting around to be sure no darkspawn would jump out at him.
        ‘Oh, sodding heck!’ Oghren shouted. ‘Drinks are on you after this.’
        Nathaniel couldn’t help but smile mildly as he heard his friend barrelling down the path to catch up to him.
        ‘I better not regret this!’ Anders said, appearing behind them. ‘If Ser Pounce-A-Lot misses dinner for this…’ Anders didn’t complete his threat.
        Taking a long steadying breath, Nathaniel slowly craned his neck towards Anders, glaring at him. ‘Your cat,’ he said with deliberate pauses, ‘can wait.’
        He stared at Anders for a brief moment before turning back towards the path and continuing.
        ‘Man can’t take a joke,’ he heard Anders mutter.
        Nathaniel focused to hear any sound of Elsa, hurrying further and further down a large winding path. Around a bend, the path divided into three separate passages.
        Nathaniel listened. His stomach tightened as he heard the clang of weapons. ‘This way.’
        His will quickened his pace to a run, and he didn’t care if his boots echoed on the cavern floor. He needed to reach Elsa; he needed her alive.

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Protectors of the Force Chapter Eleven + Epilogue (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

The group of Jedi stumbled out of the Sphere. Lian struggled to move forward but insisted he could walk.  Fane joined Shadie to hold him up.
            ‘I’m fine, I can walk,’ said Lian.  He stumbled forward, dropping to one knee and cursed in Huttese.
            ‘You don’t have to prove anything to us, Lian,’ said Talyc.  ‘I’m sure if this Sith thinks you’re worthy, it won’t have anything to do with your strength here or lack thereof.’
            Lian looked up at the Mandalorian and smiled.  ‘I appreciate…’  He felt a pang of pain and grunted, clenching his teeth.
            Shadie put her hand on the door, and Lian saw it roll into the wall.  He had heard much about this place, yet never realised how heavy the dark side felt here, nor how dim it was.  He hoped it would not alter his being.   And yet, however strong the dark side was here, Lian did not feel stifled by it; whatever his fears, it seemed to allow for his light.
            Everyone hurried through each chamber and Brenum pushed the top of a sarcophagus.  The platform began to descend, turning slowly, as had been described to Lian before. 
            Brenum pressed his lips together.  ‘I should never have agreed to help rid the atmosphere of starfighters,’ he said.  ‘My place was by your side and I failed you.’
            ‘No one has failed me,’ insisted Lian.
            ‘If anyone’s to blame,’ said Fane, ‘it’s me.  I just don’t get it!  I’m supposed to be able to be immune to Relsor’s stasis attacks.  Now another Kloh will die because of me and my inability to–’
            ‘Fane!’ Lian put sternness in his voice.  ‘Stop that right now.  You and I were meant to work together within the Force, but you are not ready to defeat Relsor and that is not your fault.’  Lian had a bit more strength now, but he knew it wouldn’t last for long.
            ‘I can’t even connect to Relsor without you, Lian,’ said Fane solemnly.
            ‘That’s because the Force connects us; that does not make you weak,’ replied Lian.
            Trylia tended to Lian’s lekku; she had mended it in the Sphere. Though he still felt the wound tingle painfully, it was a lot less intense than it had been prior to their flight to the Crypt.
            ‘The wound has stopped bleeding but it’s still raw,’ said Trylia.  ‘Shall I change the bandage?’
            ‘No,’ said Lian.  ‘Remove it.  I want your Sith friend to see me as I am, in my full vulnerability.’
            They arrived at the bottom level and helped Lian to the chamber where sat the ancient Pureblood Sith. 

Lian at Crypt w Injured Lekku (w)

Lian struggles with a severed lekku (from Protectors of the Force, Story 7, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

* * *

            They all stood before the Sith, Fane and Shadie helping Lian stand.  The Sith stood from his throne and looked at Lian.
            ‘You bring me someone who has not passed the trials,’ he said.
            Fane looked up at him.  ‘He doesn’t need to.  We did, and we brought him.’
            Shadie placed a hand on Fane’s shoulder and nodded, mouthing, “It’s okay.”  Fane looked back at Lian, he looked pained, and every now and then he let out a moan or groan.
            ‘Stand on your own so I can evaluate you, Jedi,’ said the Sith.  ‘Who are you and why have you come here?’
            ‘I am Jedi Master Lian Kloh,’ said Lian, struggling to speak.  He placed a hand to his stomach and staggered towards the throne and fell on his hands and knees.  ‘I’ve come to trade places with you.  Grant me immortality, I shall give you freedom from this prison and take your place as Guardian of the Crypt.’ He moaned gruffly.
            ‘And why should I grant you this honour, you who have not passed any trials, you who possess no sign of darkness within you?  Your light side may desecrate this place entirely.’
            ‘I respect that it was created from the dark side, but in the Force exist both the light and the dark,’ said Lian.  He crawled forward a bit and then fell in pain, onto his stomach. 
            Fane started forward and Shadie put a hand to stop him.  ‘Let him be evaluated.’  Fane shook his head; he didn’t like this.  He felt pressed for time.  He looked at Knarf, who usually was one to feel such emotions, but the man seemed calm.
            Lian managed to prop himself up a bit, leaning on one arm, yet breathing heavily.
            ‘I am a healer and I have been healing the Force.  I am the only one able to deflect Relsor’s malady, or at least part of it, able to prevent him from creating illusions.  If I die, then he has already won.’ Lian paused, panting.  ‘I have been healing the Force, and from this focal point, I can continue my work and heal the Force in ways that I cannot as a mortal being.  I can use the Crypt to reach the entire galaxy.  I can heal the Force and ensure that Fane,’ Lian looked back towards Fane, ‘succeeds when he confronts Relsor to destroy him.’
            Lian grunted in pain again and fell back onto his stomach.  ‘Please,’ he said, breathing heavily, ‘I won’t… last much longer.  Kill me, let me die, or grant me immortality, but decide quickly.’

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Protectors of the Force Chapter Ten (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Shadie glanced from Fane to the direction where Lian and Relsor had gone.  Knarf and Perce were exchanging insults as they fought.
            ‘Fane!’ cried Shadie.  ‘What can you sense?’
            Fane was clutching his head.  ‘It’s another massive headache, and Lian’s in trouble, real trouble.  Relsor is using his full might and I fear for Lian’s life.’
            ‘That’s because your friend is about to meet his end!’ said Perce.
            ‘Not if I have anything to say about it?’  Shadie said defiantly.  She reached out to the Sphere and felt it was close and quickly approaching.
            ‘I’m surprised a pretender like you is still riding on someone else’s fame,’ said Usharr.  ‘A mere shadow of what your peers are capable of being.’
            ‘And he can’t even slice anything to keep me out,’ said Knarf.  ‘He’s a failed slicer and a failed Sith.’
            ‘Now seeing what you’ve become, Perce,’ said Usharr, ‘I realise I did well to kick you out of the academy!  The Sith Empire deserves better than a disgrace such as you.’
            ‘Shut up, Usharr!’
            Usharr opened his mouth to rebuttal something more but instead cried out in warning, lifting a hand up as Brenum and Trylia came flying towards them.  Shadie joined Usharr and cushioned their fall.
            ‘Let me guess: Relsor?’ she said.
            ‘He’s going to kill Lian, and I promised Lian I’d keep him alive,’ said Brenum, ‘and there we were flying around fighting starfighters when we should have been with him the whole time.’
            ‘Brenum, whatever happens, it’s not your fault,’ said Shadie, reassuring him.
            ‘You don’t understand, Shadie,’ her friend protested, ‘Lian knew, Lian felt it in the Force.  He’s going to die!  We have to do whatever we can to prevent that from happening.’
            As though on cue, the Sphere finally arrived and dropped down close to them.  Perce looked up and jumped into the air and disappeared from view; Shadie assumed he might have landed atop the Sphere.  It didn’t matter.
            ‘Come on, everyone!’ shouted Shadie.
            Fane, clutching his head, followed her in, the others all running behind him.
            When they entered the Sphere, they were met by an interesting figure: a tall and fully armoured Mandalorian.
            ‘Oh, hi there,’ he said, mildly waving his hand. He took his helmet off, holding it under his arm.
            Talyc shook his head in disbelief, yet he had a broad smile on his face.  ‘How in the kark?’
            The Mandalorian shrugged.  ‘One minute I was about to be spaced, wasn’t too sure how long I’d last out in space in this armour, then this Sphere thing appeared and swallowed me up.’
            ‘Wait, are you Mildred?’ said Knarf.
            ‘The very man himself,’ replied the clan leader.  He turned to Shadie.  ‘I suppose I have you to thank?’ 
            Shadie smiled but shook her head. ‘The Sphere was out of touch for a portion of the fight, it acted of its own volition, probably when Relsor’s illusion ended.’
            ‘Right place, right time for the Sphere, then, I guess, and for me. Makes me the lucky one all the same,’ said Mildred.
            ‘Emerick is going to be over the moon to hear you survived,’ said Talyc, exchanging a handclasp and shake with Mildred, who also shook hands with Knarf, in a more formal manner.
            ‘I wish I could say the others survived, but very few were left,’ said Mildred.  ‘All who could get to escape pods, did.  It was brutal.’
            ‘I know what Relsor is capable of,’ said Talyc, ‘I can imagine what his Sith did to you all.’
            ‘No,’ said Mildred, ‘there were very few Sith leading the assault.  Most of them were Imperial Officers.’
            ‘Imperial!’ said Brenum.  ‘I don’t know if that helps us or not.  Relsor was willing to sacrifice the Imps.’ 
            ‘Yeah, I don’t think they estimated their failure,’ said Mildred. ‘A lot that transpired wasn’t planned, good and bad.’
            As the Mandalorians kept on talking, Brenum and Trylia turned to Shadie, Usharr and Fane.
            ‘We have the recording, Usharr, it worked,’ said Trylia.  ‘Shadie, we recorded Usharr confronting Relsor regarding his alliance with the Empire.  Knarf can slice a broadcast across the entire galaxy to expose Relsor’s plans.’
            Shadie nodded.  She didn’t know the extent of whatever plan her friends had devised, but she trusted that it would help their cause and knew she would soon find out anyway.
            The Sphere arrived at Relsor and Lian’s location and opened up to let everyone out.  Perce jumped down from atop the Sphere, landing before them, and right away sent lightning to block their path.
            ‘My ship?’ cried Brenum.  ‘Where is it?’
            Relsor laughed.  ‘Autopilot!’
            Brenum scowled.  ‘You!’  Brenum jumped into the fray, leaping over Perce and his lightning.  Trylia joined him and they landed next to Relsor.
            Relsor smiled at them.  ‘We have an audience, Lian, many who’ve come to see your demise, and my victory.’

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Protectors of the Force Chapter Nine (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Fane could barely feel his fingertips; they tingled as though they’d been asleep for ages.  He managed to lift himself up on his hands and knees.  Talyc was moaning, Lian was bobbing this way and that, rocking himself, Shadie was reflecting energy back at Relsor, and Usharr looked focused, taking in all the dark side energy, as though ready to burst.
            ‘You going to explode the dark side at Relsor?’ Fane asked, crawling towards where Usharr and Talyc lay.
            Talyc reached a hand towards Fane.  Fane took Talyc’s helmet off.  ‘Are you all right?’
            Talyc looked up at him, his face wet with tears, and Fane felt a pang.  This ordeal must have been causing so many flashbacks for Talyc.
            Lian finally stopped rocking, after taking a loud deep breath, and lay motionless. He looked calm, his eyes focused on Relsor, and Fane saw the dark side energy orb diminish and shrink.  He understood that Lian was healing the Force.  Fane felt a little ill, but he figured that was normal, given the circumstances.
            ‘We need to take him by surprise,’ said Lian in a low voice.  ‘Usharr, can you send him one of your attacks soon?  I will attempt to connect Fane to Relsor’s mind.’
            Usharr looked at Lian and nodded, still looking focused.  Then, on Lian’s mark, Usharr sent Relsor an immense attack of dark side energy that made Relsor stagger back.  Fane focused and he could feel Lian guiding him.  They connected within the Force and connected to Relsor’s malady.  Fane pushed as hard as he could, but he could feel the True Sith fighting back.  He was in, and Relsor stood as Fane made him stand, then he was back out again.  He pushed again and was back in, then was kicked right back out.  He pushed again and felt Relsor push back.
            Relsor screamed extremely loudly.  ‘Aaargh!  Get out of my head!’
            Relsor lifted his hands high and everyone was lifted into the air.  Suddenly Fane could no longer move.  He focused on the Force around him, trying to move his limbs.  He didn’t understand.
            Relsor laughed.  ‘You thought you could resist my paralysing stasis, didn’t you, Fane?  Just because you can connect to my mind, doesn’t mean you can resist my powers.  You are still too weak to defeat me, which will make it all the easier to destroy you.’
            Fane felt panic; he was supposed to be able to defeat Relsor.  He looked at the others.  Talyc’s jaw was clenched tightly, Usharr seemed to relax in the position and circumstance in which he found himself, Shadie looked defiant, while Lian kept his eyes closed and looked meditative.  The Twi’lek opened his eyes again and looked at Fane. 
            ‘We have to try again!’ he called out.
            ‘I’m trying, but it’s not working!’ cried Fane.  ‘He’s found a way to resist us.’
            Fane saw Lian try to move.  The Jedi healer seemed to be healing the Force around him, for he could move his arms and legs in slow extended movements, but when Relsor looked at him, he became as motionless as the others.
            ‘We need to try something!’ cried Shadie. 
            ‘We need to embrace it,’ said Usharr.  ‘Work with it.’
            And then Fane saw something he never thought he would, and the Force was ever more wondrous to him: Relsor sent lightning towards Usharr but it stilled in the air, motionless, and never reached its target.
            ‘Just like that,’ said Usharr. 
            ‘Urrgh, stupid Sith!’ growled Relsor.  The Chiss tried again, this time with dark side energy, and he sent it towards all of them, but that too was stilled and paused in mid-air before it could reach any of them.
            That’s when Fane understood: as long as Relsor held them in stasis like this, his Force powers would not hurt them.
            ‘The dark side is a wondrous tool, if you know how to utilise every one of its aspects,’ said Usharr, a faint proud smile on the corner of his mouth.  ‘Something our enemy never learnt.’
            Fane couldn’t help but smile.  Usharr was the only Sith among them and he could truly use the Force in ways they could not.  For once, Fane was glad a Sith was among them.
            Relsor looked at them for a moment and sat on the ground, legs crossed, and closed his eyes in meditation.  At least while Relsor was busy trying to figure out his next move, even if they were still in stasis, floating above the ground, they were unharmed, for now.

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