Six of Swords

Warrior (Dual-Handed)

Significance:I suppose in order to wield a weapon with both hands, a weapon so big and heavy, you need the strength of six warriors!  I mean, just look at Iron Bull; you could fit six Lavellans in there just to make up one of him!  Seriously!

Swords 06

The card itself represents: Improvements, a positive attitude, steady progress, sorting things out, congenial atmosphere, synthesis, a tranquil journey, new opportunities, success from a sacrifice or after worries, exactness, specialists, adequate advice, etc.

Reversed: Stagnation and blockage, narrow-mindedness, turmoil, delays, an inability to get away from problems, a lack of understanding, a need to handle turbulent situations, arrogance, selfishness, etc.

Swords 06 O

With plaid patterns, the warrior stands upright, holding with both hands an ax of orange and browns, made up of arrows pointing towards the sky.  The earthly colours are associated with Fall, the season, but they are also a warning for on whomever the ax might fall.  The warrior is also guarded, shielded by the great ax.  A circle of white appears again, another full moon, a symbol of strength.  Upon the warrior’s armour, we see a dragon’s claws, two water drops and a star.  The star is symbolic of the elements, the water drops of the flow of life, the dragon’s claw, the grasp for power, let alone that this is the age named Dragon.  A red diagonal bar tells us that such power, and/or these dragons, are not permitted, and the warrior is there to slay whomever may trespass into protected lands.

What I think this means for DA: Things are looking up, despite it seeming grim, and things are building up.  Will Dragon Age 4 be the franchise’s Apotheosis?  I don’t think so, but it will certainly have a lot more dragons.

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