Three of Swords

The Breach

Note: I wasn’t sure at first it was the Breach, but it resembles the Dragon Age: Inquisition official poster, which shows the Inquisitor holding up a sword towards the Breach, which could be taking place in the Fade.  But the green and dark rays sort of give it away, about it being the Breach.

Significance: In the poster, there seem to be two more figures off to one side, which makes it three individuals…  Observation: three of swords, three individuals… Just saying.

Swords 03

The card itself represents: Absence and separation, confession, revelation, unfinished business, fortitude during a difficult time, resolving conflicts, confrontation, speaking regardless of the consequences, taking on a new path to something unknown that requires courage, discarding fears, etc.

Reversed: Confusion, anxiety, strife, cowardice, shallowness and superficiality, discord, malice that is nearing, fear of loss, regained composure and peace, an improved situation, a greater insight and clarity, etc.

Swords 03 O

Before the full moon of a deep unending night, fullness of unity, a man and a woman stand, bent backwards, reaching up towards the sky.  A satchel bears markings of the fish, representing a doorway, the portal between two worlds, as a beam of green with rays of green light depict the Breach; the tear in the Veil, the portal between the spirit world and the tangible world.  Images of spirits and demons smoke up around them, as both the man and the woman wield swords of white eternal and spirited and of red of life and mortality.  Both wear black crowns and capes, darkness and the mind.  The woman wears a dress of golden colour, fabricated of the rich fabrics of the living world.  The man is draped with red, pouring life, which could easily be seeped out.  There is a balance of masculine and feminine, life and death, spirit and demon, light and darkness, mortal flesh and spirit essence.  The Breach, or is it the Veil, being torn to unite the two worlds?

What I think this means for DA: Another Breach?  It has to do with the Veil, and perhaps how another breach may be created but controlled to unite the two worlds.  There is so much more, but I just can’t grasp it.  Like the Veil, it’s just beyond reach.  I do think something will happen that involves the Veil.  If Solas does succeed in his plans to bring down the Veil, it’s not just going to cause one breach in one area of the sky, like an upside down tornado where demons pop out of, it’s going to be the whole sky, everywhere, a mega world-wide breach; that’s not going to be good.

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