Does This Please You? (Story)

Nathaniel Howe realises just how much he loves Elsa Cousland,
and commits to pleasing her for the rest of his life.

Nathaniel looked back at the cave’s opening through which Elsa had disappeared, his heart sinking, as he nocked another arrow on his bow. He let the arrow loose right into the forehead of the darkspawn barrelling towards him.
        ‘Right between the eyes, hehe,’ laughed Oghren.
        ‘On your left!’ cried Anders.
        Nathaniel turned and sent another volley of arrows, while the apostate sent a burst of flames towards the approaching ogre.
        The three took several steps back, moving further away from the mouth of the cave.
        ‘I don’t like this!’ Nathaniel hissed.
        ‘None of us like darkspawn, pretty boy,’ said Oghren.
        ‘Elsa hasn’t returned since entering that cave!’
        ‘She’s probably just finishing off all the darkspawn we’re failing to kill,’ said Anders, readying another spell, his hands lifting high into the air.
        ‘But the darkspawn are coming from the cave!’ argued Nathaniel, giving another killing blow to a hurlock.
        ‘Is your heart yearning?’ Oghren looked at Nathaniel in a mock pout while hacking his axe at the ogre. Surprisingly, he didn’t miss his shot.
        Nathaniel ignored the dwarf and stabbed a genlock with the arrow he was about to nock. He dodged an incoming attack, sliding beneath the ogre and coming up on the other side. Turning, he lifted his bow to aim when Anders’s magic flared in a wild arc, and the ogre and surrounding darkspawn went down in one blow.
        ‘And that’s why you don’t keep a mage chained,’ Anders said, a smug expression on his face.
        The calm of the still air descended on the group. Nathaniel looked back towards the cave.
        ‘It’s been too long,’ he said. He started towards the cave.
        Anders took hold of his arm, stopping him. ‘We don’t know what’s down there.’
        The cave was quiet, which meant that wherever Elsa had been pushed to was much farther than Nathaniel could bear.
        ‘I don’t care; I’m going after her.’ Nathaniel shoved Anders off him. He was going to find Elsa, no matter what it took. ‘And I’ll go in there alone if I have to.’ His heart ached, not only from being away from her, but also from the fear that she might be injured or worse.
        Nathaniel took a few cautious steps into the cave, his bow ready, eyes darting around to be sure no darkspawn would jump out at him.
        ‘Oh, sodding heck!’ Oghren shouted. ‘Drinks are on you after this.’
        Nathaniel couldn’t help but smile mildly as he heard his friend barrelling down the path to catch up to him.
        ‘I better not regret this!’ Anders said, appearing behind them. ‘If Ser Pounce-A-Lot misses dinner for this…’ Anders didn’t complete his threat.
        Taking a long steadying breath, Nathaniel slowly craned his neck towards Anders, glaring at him. ‘Your cat,’ he said with deliberate pauses, ‘can wait.’
        He stared at Anders for a brief moment before turning back towards the path and continuing.
        ‘Man can’t take a joke,’ he heard Anders mutter.
        Nathaniel focused to hear any sound of Elsa, hurrying further and further down a large winding path. Around a bend, the path divided into three separate passages.
        Nathaniel listened. His stomach tightened as he heard the clang of weapons. ‘This way.’
        His will quickened his pace to a run, and he didn’t care if his boots echoed on the cavern floor. He needed to reach Elsa; he needed her alive.
        Something somewhere hit flesh and stabbed deep by the sounds of it. Nathaniel swallowed hard, his heart thumping, a sinking feeling in his gut.
        ‘No, no, no!’ He ran forward and arrived in a large room.
        There was smoke on the ground; corpses lay scattered, corpses of darkspawn and dwarves. Nathaniel scanned for Elsa.
        ‘Elsa!’ he called out. ‘ELSA!’
        An explosion afar drew his attention away from the corpses.
        ‘That sounds familiar, hehe.’ Oghren bounded towards the sound.
        Nathaniel and Anders hurried after him. Through an archway stood a number of dwarves, and among them was one human, Elsa, tall and beautiful, wiping sweat from her face.
        ‘Elsa!’ Nathaniel’s heart leapt, and he blinked back tears.
        Elsa looked up at him, smiling. ‘I made friends.’
        Nathaniel ran to her, taking her in his arms and holding her tightly. ‘I thought something had happened to you.’
        ‘Something did happen to her,’ said Oghren, ‘she met up with the Legion of the Dead.’
        ‘I’m sorry for worrying you. The darkspawn kept pushing me back, and then they came along,’ she pointed a thumb towards the Legionnaires, ‘so we took care of the darkspawn in the cave. I guess we ended up farther than we thought.’
        ‘I’m just glad you’re okay.’ Nathaniel gently pushed some strands of Elsa’s dishevelled hair from her face.
        ‘You’ve looked better,’ Oghren said, saluting the Legionnaire.
        ‘Can’t say the same about you; you’ve always had that face.’ Behind the Legionnaire’s beard was a smile.
        ‘Always the kind diplomat, aren’t you, Renn,’ a young dwarven woman replied, approaching them.
        Oghren and Renn laughed heartily.
        Nathaniel had to push down his emotions in order to keep himself from trembling. His relief washed over him, but so did so many other emotions.
        ‘We can go now,’ said Anders, his voice prompting emphatically. ‘I have a cat who needs feeding.’
        He turned to go and didn’t look back. After thanking the Legionnaires, Elsa and Nathaniel also began towards the cave’s exit. Oghren took a few extra moments before catching up to them with heavy pants.

* * *

        Nathaniel stared at the fire burning in the fireplace. Elsa guessed he was processing everything that had happened at the cave earlier. His worry had been so apparent, yet he seemed to have closed himself up while they’d walked back to the keep.
        ‘Nate, what is it?’ asked Elsa. ‘You’ve hardly said a word since we’ve returned.’
        Nathaniel swallowed. He turned towards Elsa.
        Having taken the time to clean themselves up, Elsa’s hair flowed down her shoulders. Her double braids were tied back. The way her hairstyle mirrored his, she knew, had always amused him. For all those years, it had been her way of expressing what she felt for him without him knowing it. In this moment, it brought a smile to his face, and Elsa saw his shoulders relax.
        Nathaniel had merely quickly cleaned and dressed in simple garb, and yet, he was so handsome to her. His shirt was partly opened, exposing his chest and the few hairs near the centre of his chest. Elsa was amazed at the way he stared at her, reflecting the emotions she herself felt.
        ‘I almost lost you today,’ he said.
        ‘You lost sight of me. But you didn’t lose me, and you won’t.’
        ‘If something had happened to you while I was not there to help you, to protect you.’ His voice was husky and low, and her heart skipped a beat.
        Nathaniel walked over to her and took her hands in his. He hesitated, then he let them go.
        ‘You mean a lot to me.’
        Elsa smiled, feeling content. ‘You mean a lot to me as well.’
        Nathaniel turned and took a few steps back towards the fireplace, nervously brushing his hand through his hair. He muttered under his breath. ‘My father would be reeling in his grave if he knew what I wanted to say.’ He paused, staring into the fire.
        ‘Let him. Say what you need.’
        Nathaniel turned his head ever slightly to the side. ‘I care about you.’
        ‘As I care about you. Nate, what is this about?’
        Nathaniel was being rather fidgety, and Elsa couldn’t understand why. He turned to face her again, the fire in his eyes raging stronger than the fire behind him. Elsa’s stomach somersaulted.
        ‘I love you. I love you with all my heart.’ He swallowed hard.
        Elsa could barely hear herself think above the sound of her heart pounding in her chest.
        ‘I love you too,’ she said.
        Nathaniel strode across the room to her, his gaze fierce and intense. ‘The thought of losing you…’ He closed his eyes, and a tear ran down his cheek.
        Elsa placed her hand on his face, wiping the tear with her thumb. ‘I’m okay; we’re both okay.’
        Nathaniel placed his hand on hers, turning his head slightly, and kissed her palm. His eyes still closed, he whispered. ‘If the Legion of the Dead had not come to help you, had I been too late to come to your aid…’ His eyes shut more tightly, as more tears ran down his face.
        ‘Nate,’ Elsa said gently. ‘Nathaniel. I helped them, as they helped me, and I would have found a way to survive, to figure out a way to keep the darkspawn off me long enough. It’s like we always do. Get into sticky situations and help each other out of them.’
        Nathaniel opened his eyes. ‘But we got separated, and I lost sight of you, and something could have happened to you. I don’t ever want to feel that way again, but I know that such a feeling is inevitable. There is no escape from that kind of fear when you feel this kind of love for someone.’
        Nathaniel took Elsa’s hand in his and brought them close to his heart. ‘I know we’re Grey Wardens, but I want you to be by my side for as long as we have left to live.’
        Elsa smiled, feeling a warmth flow through her body that did not come from the heat from the fireplace.
        ‘I wish for that as well,’ she replied.
        ‘Would it please you then to become my wife?’
        Elsa’s eyes filled with tears of joy, and she threw her arms around Nathaniel. ‘Yes! Very much so.’
        ‘Yes?’ Nathaniel let out a tearful laugh, looking at Elsa; she nodded and echoed her answer.
        Nathaniel took her hands in his once more and began kissing them fervently, repeatedly.
        He spoke between kisses. ‘Elsa…I am…so happy…my heart…sings…with joy.’ Elsa giggled as Nathaniel’s kisses became loud-voiced ones as well. He paused, looking at her, smiling from ear to ear. ‘Does this please you?’ He kissed her hands again.
        Elsa laughed. ‘Yes.’
        Nathaniel gave her a volley of little kisses on her hands and then her forehead, cheeks and neck. It tickled, and Elsa let out a playful laugh.
        ‘Does this please you?’
        He kissed her neck and cheeks some more. Elsa gave a reply through giggles.
        Nathaniel’s kisses moved to her mouth as little playful pecks, until he lingered a bit longer, deepening the kiss. When he stopped, his eyes were full of longing; and when he spoke, his voice was husky with desire.
        ‘Does this please you?’
        Elsa’s breath caught in her throat as a fiery sensation surged through her body. Her reply came as a whisper. ‘Yes.’
        Nathaniel’s lips were on hers again; this time his kiss was filled with a passion that sent warm shivers through Elsa’s body. She let out a soft moan, her breathing accelerating. They only paused long enough to catch their breaths, lips a mere hair apart, before lunging back towards each other for more. Elsa tugged at Nathaniel’s shirt; his hand brushed through her hair. His kisses were heated yet tender at once, and it only made Elsa want him even more in this moment.
        Nathaniel lifted his shirt off, and Elsa placed her hand on his chest. Biting her lower lip, she pressed gently, passing her hand over his taut chest muscles. Nathaniel kissed her neck gently, trailing kisses down towards her shoulders.
        He paused, his eyes fierce, and he slowly undressed her, staring at every inch of her body. Elsa felt her body heat rise every time her gaze met his.
        ‘Now where was I,’ he whispered.
        Elsa smiled as Nathaniel resumed kissing her shoulders and trailed his kisses towards her breasts. Elsa let out a moan and gasped as his kisses became tantalising, licking her nipples. Nathaniel moved his hands to her thighs, massaging, and she jerked her head back, letting out a cry, tensing up with a craving she wanted satiated immediately.
        Elsa took a step towards him, pulling him closer to her. She wanted him, and she wanted him now. Elsa hurried to undo his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. She gripped him, pulling gently, and smiled as it was his turn to let out a moan.
        She paused just long enough to look deep into the eyes of the man she loved and then pulled him even closer. Nathaniel took a step forward, and she felt him penetrate her. Both let out gasps of pleasure, and Elsa gripped Nathaniel’s back tightly. He lifted her off the ground as she wrapped her legs around him.
        Elsa devoured Nathaniel, moaning as she pressed her lips to his, her euphoria elevating every time her pelvis bounced against his.
        Nathaniel carried her closer to the bed but then paused. He gave her a sly smile.
        ‘Hold on tight.’
        Elsa bit her lower lip, tightening her hold on Nathaniel as he dipped her, getting on his knees, gently placing her on the fur rug that lay before the fireplace. The rug’s fur was long and warm, and a sensation of comfort washed over Elsa.
        Still deep inside of her, Nathaniel lowered himself more, sliding up and down. His thrusts were slow enough to make Elsa want more, want faster, and it drove her insane. His hair came down on one side, sweat beading on his forehead.
        ‘Elsa,’ Nathaniel groaned, deep and husky.
        ‘Nathaniel,’ she gasped.
        Elsa gripped the rug tightly, arching her back, as Nathaniel pushed himself even deeper. She felt him touch every nerve within her, and still, he moved with a deliberate pace, that made her crave for faster.
        Between gasps, she managed to whisper, ‘You need to stop teasing me like this.’
        ‘Are you saying this does not please you?’ Nathaniel asked, a lopsided grin on his face.
        He thrust a bit more abruptly, and Elsa shouted out. ‘No, I mean yes. It pleases me.’
        ‘And are you saying it would please you for me to go faster?’
        ‘Yes!’ Elsa shouted as he thrust intensely again. A surge of ecstasy made her spasm, and she cried out loudly, wrapping her legs more tightly around his back.
        ‘It would please me greatly to please you,’ Nathaniel said in a husky voice.
        His pace came faster, still steady, but every now and then with those intense abrupt thrusts that drove Elsa completely crazy for him. She gripped the rug more tightly, crying out Nathaniel’s name.
        Nathaniel began to move even faster, letting out groan after groan, until finally, only the intense thrusts were what he was giving her; it was palpitating. Elsa felt her elation mount. She screamed, pulling on the rug; Nathaniel shouted, their cries of pleasure continuous for a few moments, until they turned into panting as they took a few moments to catch their breaths.
        Nathaniel kissed Elsa fiercely, propping himself on an elbow and turning her with his arm around her, yet never pulling out. Elsa gasped a few more times. She bit her lower lip, realising she had ripped some of the fur from the rug, and giggled.
        Nathaniel chuckled, kissing her cheek. ‘I love you so much,’ he whispered.
        ‘You have no idea how much I love you back.’
        Nathaniel pulled her into his arms, closing his eyes.
        The fire from the fireplace was so warm; Nathaniel’s body was warm. Elsa closed her eyes, content; she was going to become his wife.

Note: This fanfic story was written for Gynedroid as a donation reward
for the Dragon Age Day Tiltify fundraiser in December 2021 for the charity AbleGamers.

“Does This Please You?” is written by Celinka Serre (2022).

Disclaimer: This story is derivative and consistent of Fan-Fiction since it borrows the franchise world of Dragon Age. Certain jargon and places, or concepts mentioned, along with the Dragon Age universe belong to BioWare and EA. This fan-fiction story falls under Fair Use.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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