Knight of Cups


Significance: In this suit, we come across now the last of Corypheus’s red lyrium minions, the most powerful of them, perhaps only as powerful as his armour allows him to be, which somehow doesn’t corrupt him.  Samson was also once a Templar Knight and since he’s addicted to lyrium, no wonder he would serve one who offers him so much of it, even if it’s blight-tainted.

Cups 12 Knight

The card itself represents: Men aged 36 and older, sensitivity, emotional intelligence and emotional sensitivity, artistic direction, relaxation, fun, breakthroughs, romantic proposals, depth of character, religion, etc.

Samson depicts the reversed aspects of this card, most notably evil, corruption and death.

Reversed: Flattery, insincerity, emotional blockage, false friends, roughness, deception, lack of grace, conniving, fraudulent schemes, atheism, ugliness, sabotage, refusal to change or let go, evil, corruption, death, etc.

Cups Knight

Eyes glowing with contempt and malice, he stands brandishing a sword infused with the corrupted power of his master.  The armour of the tall being standing at his right indicates it is this master, the Elder One.  The red lyrium glows hot and angry, reflective of his own somber emotions.  He sneers at the world, alert, his mind still mostly his own, ready to seek out the death of all who oppose his master on their cause.

What I think this means for Samson: Much like with Calpernia, it doesn’t matter whether he’s still alive or not.  He represents those who follow evil blindly, their minds still their own and still following the path of corruption.

What I think this means for DA: What if we discover our character follows corruption?  What is the extent of all the corruption in Thedas?  Be it the Maker, the Rite of Tranquility, elven history, anything, would we have the power to change any of it or save Thedas? More uncovered hidden corruption to come!

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