Seven of Coins

Kaaras Adaar (Male Qunari Inquisitor)

Significance: As discussed in the past, the seven is the seeker, the Seeker of Truth, and the Inquisitor does search for truth.  And this card is about long term projects, another aspect that described us well as the Inquisitor.

Coins 07

The card itself represents: A required pause or break in work, long term projects, starting a business, productivity, closeness to nature, hard work that pays off, focus on labour, progress, etc.

Reversed: Renewed attention to work matters, goals that are achieved, minimal rewards, a fallow period that ends, regained strength and conviction, a sabbatical period that ends, imprudent action, etc.

Coins 07 O

With an arm outstretched towards the sky, he looks ahead, bearing the same colours on his garments as his female counterpart.  On his other arm, there seems to be scales, as though reminisce of the magical theory of the Qunari people having been born with dragon blood within them.  He too seems to have hair that flows ever freely and shines like an ivory bubble.  It is as though they stand back to back, and look to both past and future to find the answers to what affects their world, presently.

What I think this means for DA: The future of Thedas relies on all its people, the Qunari included, and the future of the Qunari relies on its past; in other words to seek understanding in order to survive what is to come.

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