Queen of Staves


Significance: The Morrigan is an Irish goddess who often appears in the form of a raven.  Morrigan from Thedas transforms into a black raven when going to stop Abelas on his way to destroy the Well of Sorrows.  Also, I don’t know if any of you made the link between this Morrigan and one of the other Morrigans, but she bears one of the many names of the Enchantress of myth and legend of Camelot, from the Arthurian legend: Morgan le Fey, Morgana, Morgane, Morigu, Morrigan.  The Arthurian Enchanter lived in the wilds after her exile from Camelot, and Morrigan is a Witch of the Wild.  Both mythical beings, The Morrigan and Morgane/Morgana, bear symbols to our beloved character, which only makes sense that she be the Queen of Staves, and I feel she embodies aspects of both these mythical beings; (two mythical beings) in one.

Staves 13 Queen

The card itself represents: Women aged 36 and older, optimism, being practical and sincere, kindly eloquent, insightful, channeling energy, independent, strong-willed, resolute, capable, socially adept, etc.

This card defines Morrigan’s greater aspects perfectly, I find.

Reversed: Wavering concentration, giving in too soon, being critical and irritable, insecure and jealous, unconfident, lack of stamina, living in the past, maternity maladies, etc.

Staves Queen

Purple and indigo dominate, being associated with the crown and third eye chakras, respectively.  Her human eyes are closed, yet she understand magic and the elemental and transformative nature of her connection to it.  Indigo is also the colour of intuition and the night sky shines with stars to light up her face, for she must trust.  Hands under her chin, she can feel the powerful magic that flows through her.  The colour of her cape represents wisdom and independence, and it reflects the mystery that the Witch of the Wild is.

What I think this means for Morrigan: She will be back, I’m pretty sure of it.  She’s independent, but when it matters, when she can help, when Thedas is at risk, or her mother is involved, she is at the heart of it.

What I think this means for DA: Whether she drank from the Well of Sorrows or not, her knowledge in arcane magic and elven history will most likely be needed again, especially if we are to battle against Solas or try to convince him to change his mind.

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