6 – The Lovers

Varric (Default)

Significance: It is interesting that Varric be The Lovers, as he is not a romantic, he is a comedic character and his his love story is not tragic, nor happy, it’s just complicated.  And yet, he has always loved Bianca, no matter the years that pass.  It’s not the most endearing of love stories, but an enduring one.

6 - The Lovers

The card itself represents: Partnership, trust, rational faculties, the balance of opposites, knowledge and collaboration, learning, writing, curiosity, harmony, careful consideration of choices, loyalty, camaraderie, coalition, love despite difference, etc.

Well, Varric certainly loves Bianca despite their differences and distance.  And he’s a writer.

Reversed: Indecision, dilemma, superficiality, preocupation with social etiquette or trivia, procrastination, gossip, worry, misunderstanding, poor time economy, failed collaboration, resistance, limited understandings, etc.

06-The Lovers

Clutching his crossbow, he is reminded of his love to have this Bianca with him everywhere he goes, a comfort, always just the two of them.  Turquoise colours on Bianca the crossbow, representing emotional balance, loyalty and patience.  The crossbow’s details depict the symbol of the planet Mercury.  Varric’s chest hair sprouts upwards like a growing tree; his necklace, a golden colour, a shadow casting a diagonal line through the circle of the pendant, becoming thus the universal interdictory symbol, “no.”  The bottom half of his face showing a somewhat preoccupied and saddened expression upon it.

What I think this means for Varric: His love affair has no end, and he will forever, despite feeling he shouldn’t, stay true to that love.

What I think this means for DA: We haven’t seen the last of Bianca and Varric’s story.  I don’t think he’ll even be romanceable, but I hope we learn more about their history together, and that it brings us a new ally for our quest.

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