Ace of Coins

The Orlesian Empire

Significance: The Orlesian Empire is rather wealthy, so it is only fitting that such a vast Empire that shows its prestige be at the head of this particular suit.

Coins 01 Ace

The card itself represents: Wealth and prosperity, financial power, material achievement, authority, status and fame, earnings, riches, purchases, investments, financial security, material goods that are gained, acumen, opportunity, etc.

The Orlesians have a reputation to uphold afterall…lots of nobles.

Reversed: Financial stagnation, conservatism, poverty, material or financial loss, disappointing gains, lack of growth or gains, fraud, delay, waste, inept business skills, untrustworthy people or allies, being mislead, false promises, etc.

Coins Ace

Draped in deep watery blue, the Orlesian pattern describes the Game as the Empire appears calm and collected, yet fiery yellowish gold draws out the pattern of diamonds, a symbol of immortality and wealth.  Its reputation never waning, an Orlesian mask shows the cunning and hidden faces of the Empire’s citizens, who hide behind their façade.  Curved rays shining light on the main religion of the people, the Andrastean religion.  Coiling serpents sit atop the mask, while its crown shapes a spade, further enforcing rebirth.  The mask shows cracks, akin to an old and imperfect system where its deception is seeping through and its power faltering from within.

What I think this means for the Orlesian Empire: We’ve already seen cracks in the alliances during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.  Deception is the center of the Game.  The Chantry begins in Orlais.  I believe secrets of Orlais’s past will be revealed, and will have something to do with the Chantry.

What I think this means for DA: Those secrets might have to do with the Chantry and that those revelations and truths, whatever they may be, will have huge ramifications on both the Orlesian Empire and the Chantry, let alone the future of Thedas.

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