13 – Death

Blackwall (Gone)

Significance: When Blackwall leaves or is banished, it is the death of Blackwall as he was, the acknowledgement of the death of the real Blackwall, the illusion gone, and the death of Thom Rainier and the man he could have been, because he leaves, he’s gone, therefore there is no future, no hope, to what, to whom, he could have been, had he been redeemed.

13 - Death

The card itself represents: Emotional change, deep emotional healing, moving from shadow into light, elimination, regeneration, the removal of obstructions, a turning point, finding new meaning in life, exposing what’s false, secret knowledge, etc.

Blackwall’s falsities were exposed, which is what leads to him leaving.

Reversed: Stagnation, resistance to changes, blame, immobility, self-evaluation that is required, falling out with allies, being denied a legacy, avoidance of change, the lack of emotional depth, loss and absence, etc.


Hunched over, his beard drooping, his face brooding, he rides in shame upon a black steed, the colour of darkness, emptiness, death.  Hues of midnight blue are upon his robe, as he leaves behind his former life and faces the deep dark woods.  The wind wisps his horse’s mane forward, spirited by the unknown that lies ahead.  Black crows perched atop a branch, a bird of mystery and the unknown, and magic, also represents the assassin guild that goes by the same name as these black birds; a warning that death might be hunting and waiting for the right time to strike.

What I think this means for Blackwall: If he is gone, he might die (if he is not already dead) or be the root cause of a future death.

What I think this means for DA: I think there will be much death, obviously, but that has to do with the Grey Wardens.  I hope they don’t die out, but a Warden close to us, such as Carver, Bethany, the Warden, Alistair, might die.

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