Shadiesse and Shayder

Warning: Contains minor spoilers on class stories and on Shadow of Revan and Fallen Empire stories.

Update: Shadiess and Shayder depict the characters Manitha and Relsor in my SWTOR fan-fiction series.

Shadiesse is the second character I ever created in SWTOR. She is my Sith Assassin, equivalent to a Jedi Shadow as Sith Inquisitors are equivalent to Jedi Consulars. Shadiesse doesn’t believe that the Sith ways are necessarily the way to rule the galaxy, although she may be ruthless at times, she is a fairly Lightsided Sith. Which is why she became good friends with Alagos and part of his trusted circle who know he is in fact a Jedi. Shadiesse is also a member of the Dark Council and through Alagos has met Rosiet and they came to an accord to aid each other bring balance to the galaxy. They don’t agree with everything their respective orders or factions preach.


New Shadiesse
Shadiesse: Sith Inquisitor: Assassin, DPS – Chiss – Light Side

Shadiesse’s name was inspired by another of my alter egos, and a gaming name I’ve been using for a long time, Darth Shadie. Although Shadiesse adopted the name for herself because she is proficient with stealth and found it was a more royal sounding and original way to play with the word shade. Likewise, her brother, Shayder, was originally born Lash’aymar, core name Shay. He adopted the name Shayder for himself as a Sniper in Imperial Intelligence. He has a lot of respect for the Sith and thus favours them above other fellow Intelligence Operatives or snipers. He enjoys reminding people who his sister is, even if he does not possess Force powers himself, since he is a little Force Sensitive. He will always side with a Sith Lord above his own superiors.

Update: Shadiesse depicts a character named Manitha, introduced much later in the SWTOR fan-fiction series. Her first appearance is yet unpublished.

Update: Relsor depicts the character Relsor, Haar’elso’rothmor, in the SWTOR fan-fiction series, the leader of a faction called the True Sith. Relsor is a powerful Force-user with the ability to create illusions and mass malachio.

Shadiesse and Shayder are Chiss. They come from the planet Csilla. They left due to disagreements with the Chiss Ascendancy. However, they welcome the aid of any fellow Chiss, they just did not want to live the typical life of a Chiss. It is rare enough that a Chiss will possess Force powers and they wanted to take full advantage to reshape the galaxy in their image. They also have another sibling, which they do not know is alive. When they first joined the Empire, since most Imperial soldiers vue aliens as mere slaves (which is one of the points they wish to change within the Empire), they were attacked; their ship destroyed. Shadiesse and Shayder barely made it out alive, their brother and parents remained and the ship exploded into shrapnel and debris.

Shayder: Imperial Agent: Sniper, DPS – Chiss – Neutral Light

The other sibling is a younger brother, whom they have searched for under his core name and actual name, but if he lives, they do not know under what name and in what region of the galaxy. Likewise, he does not know that his sister and brother live. For now though, he remains missing, although Shadiesse has not detected anything in the Force to indicate that he died during the attacks. She is hopeful whilst Shayder is realistic and has come to terms with his family’s death. His loyalty to his sister is second to none and Shadiesse will stop at nothing to protect her “sole” remaining brother.

A project that they undertook with their other brother and parents, a secret mission, the reason they left their home world, the reason they originally joined the Empire, is the reason they changed their names and to Shadiesse and Shayder, is still underway. The mission was called “Operation Shade”. That is why they have changed their names, after the accident. Shadiesse was able to detect that someone discovered parts of the mission and wanted them dead, but they do not know who that someone is and why eliminate them altogether instead of questioning or confronting them. Today, to those who destroyed their ship, Shadiesse and Shayder are merely Chiss in the Empire. They do not employ their real names and have not used them ever again. Their enemy is stealthy and did not know the name of the Operation. It had never been written or spoken in public. They had decided on the name once and that was it. It had barely begun when they were shot down. They did try searching for their brother with many possibilities of the word Shade, but to no avail. Shadiesse and Shayder are both searching for who might have been behind the attack.

Shadiesse and Shayder both live at ‘’Isabella’s Smuggler’s Haven’’ on Nar Shaddaa. A place open to many who have aligned themselves with Rosiet and Alagos. Being a member of the Dark Council, Shadiesse has her own room, Shayder on the other hand, being often in and out, sleeps where there is room, borrowing his sister’s room when she is not there, and sharing a second bed in Isabella’s room, with whom he has a love-hate relationship. They are closer than they would like to admit and often shrug off the odd reflexive cuddle. Shadiesse on the other hand likes to be more solitary.

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