Chapter Twelve

Relsor sat in his command chair, watching on several screens of the large viewport monitor the battle that raged outside his ship, as well as footage from security cams from inside the ship. He sighed in anger, a long sigh. The Jedi had gotten inside the ship, the Crypt’s natural defences were holding up, and the war raged on. Relsor considered escaping, but he was not a coward. He would face his fate, which the Force dictated he could not escape, and fight Jedi Fane. Nothing else had worked thus far, hence he would have to ensure he killed Fane.
            Relsor thought back to Maranna and his son. They were far away now, having made their escape in a stealthed shuttle before the True Sith armada had been found. Relsor had made love to his passion one last time before she had gone. That passion fuelled him even more when he thought of her. He let it fill him, refuel him, and ignite his full might.
            He extended his senses and knew his enemies were close. He closed his eyes and focused on them with everything he had.

* * *

            Shadie swayed and gripped Knarf’s arm. She failed to block an attack. Her husband quickly stepped in front of the True Sith before the enemy’s blade could touch Shadie, and deflected the blow, bringing the enemy down.
            ‘I don’t feel very well,’ she said, feeling queasy. ‘It’s Relsor.’
            Knarf nodded. Shadie could not tell what face he was making, but by what she sensed in the Force, she reckoned he had received a wave of malady as well. He held his ground in a wide stance, holding his lightsaber with both hands, tightly. He looked down for a moment and then rolled his shoulders back, shaking his head. Shadie guessed he was refocusing his energy outwards to deflect as much of the malady as possible.
            Brenum made a strange sound but kept on fighting. Trylia looked like she was fighting pain. Fane on the other hand seemed unphased.
            Talyc staggered and leaned against the wall. He breathed as though heaving.
            ‘Illusions?’ she asked. The Mando shook his head. She joined him at the wall, sending lightning to whomever got close to them, but let the others take care of the True Sith while she and Talyc took a brief break from fighting. ‘You don’t have to follow us in there.’ She pointed at the room ahead, glancing to her right.
            Talyc shook his head. ‘I do. I’ve made my mind up, Shadie. Nothing’s stopping me. I’ve got to be there with Fane, for better or worse, until victory or death determines our future. I’ll always be there from now on, no exceptions.’
            ‘You really did clear your mind and find yourself, didn’t you?’
            Talyc nodded. ‘I found more.’
            Shadie smiled. She sensed much resolve in her friend. She didn’t know what he had learnt in his time away, clearing his mind from everything that had happened, but she sensed something in him that was new and it felt nice. It was a kind of purpose that could lead to happiness.
            ‘I’m happy to hear that,’ she told him, wincing and clutching her stomach. ‘Oh, I hate this. Relsor knows exactly where to hit me.’
            Talyc put a gloved hand on her free hand and turned his helmeted head towards her.
            ‘Thank you for always being there for me,’ he said. ‘I’ve said some things in the past that I regret. I know I’ve apologised before, but let me saying it again. I’m sorry. You and Knarf entering my life were the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Knarf is my best friend; you are like a sister to me. We are after all related by blood; no matter how distant, that matters to me.’ Shadie smiled. ‘Fane is my man and my love.’ He looked at the others. ‘I couldn’t have asked for better friends, or for better clanmates.’ His voice cracked. ‘Whatever happens today…’
            He didn’t finish the sentence, but instead bowed his head suddenly, and Shadie knew he was sobbing; she had a sense of him shutting his eyes tight. She nodded.
            ‘I know. Same thing with me.’
            She took a deep breath and sent more lightning towards the True Sith to help her companions, protecting Talyc as he continued to recover. The Mandalorian didn’t have the Force, but he sure was resilient.
            When the True Sith were down, Brenum and Trylia leaned on each other, Fane crouched, closing his eyes, and Knarf bent over breathing heavily.
            ‘He’s trying to slow us down, trying to stop us,’ said Fane. ‘He should know better by now.’
            ‘It’s all he has left,’ said Trylia, sadness in her voice.
            ‘That’s on him,’ Brenum said harshly. ‘You offered for him to come with us, for the Jedi to try to heal him, perchance it might have helped.’ Brenum shook his head. ‘Despite knowing the truth and what lay ahead in his future, he chose his fate.’ Trylia nodded.
            ‘Then it’s time for him to meet his fate,’ said Fane, standing again.
            He reached out a hand towards Talyc who took it. Together they walked to the command room’s door. Knarf worked briefly at its controls, slicing it open. Hand in hand, Fane and Talyc walked in first, Brenum and Trylia next, with Shadie and Knarf last.
            The door slid closed behind them.
            This was it. If Fane failed, they would all die. She looked at Knarf and whispered some lovey-dovey words, which he whispered back to her, clutching her hand more tightly. She would do everything in her power to survive this fight, no matter what the outcome would be, this would not be her end. She hoped it would not be Fane’s or any of the others’ either.

* * *

            Relsor turned his head slowly and watched the group enter. He snickered.
            ‘Clan Leader Talyc, even after everything I have subjugated you to, you still enter my command chamber with your lover. Do you think I won’t use my malady on you the way I have in the past?’
            ‘Your illusions can no longer affect me,’ said Talyc. ‘Do what you will to me. I would die a thousand times before I would let you kill my man.’
            Relsor chuckled, shaking his head. ‘It truly is a shame you don’t possess the Force.’
            ‘You know what else I don’t possess right now? Fear.’ Talyc shook his head. ‘I’m not afraid of you anymore, nor of your malady.’
            ‘Impressive, I must say.’ Relsor stood from his seat, observing the Jedi. He was fuelled by passion and did not possess any fear in that moment either. ‘Do you not think, Brenum, that Trylia is not prepared to drop you just to try to save me? She seemed willing to do so in the past.’ He looked at Trylia. ‘Are you willing to let go so readily of the hope that I can be saved?’
            ‘I offered you friendship,’ said Trylia, ‘we offered you healing, to come with us, and you refused. I did everything I could for you already. I cannot save someone who does not wish to be saved. Your malady has grown too much now. I would not be able to save or heal you now. I’m sorry it has come to this.’
            ‘So am I.’ Relsor took a few steps forward. ‘Knarf, oh Knarf, my once apprentice, even if you’re older than me, do you really think you are immune to the influence of the dark side? You are just as feeble and vulnerable as anyone else.’
            ‘We know your game, Relsor,’ said Shadie, ‘but you can’t strike at our core anymore. We no longer fear you, remember? We see through your fake remorse.’
            ‘And Shadie. I will make you so sick, you will be curled up in a ball, vomiting the remains of your inner body, hoping death takes you before I am done with you.’
            ‘Then do it,’ said Fane. ‘Do it to us all. Try to kill us all! You failed before, you’ll fail again.’
            Relsor narrowed his eyes. ‘Then it begins!’
            He lifted his arms up, eager to begin this fight now, and a maelstrom of lightning danced across the floor. It hit them all and he pushed with the Force, sending his enemies crashing to the ground at the opposite end towards the viewport wall. He shut the viewport and the holos of the battle stopped. No distractions.
            The Jedi moaned in pain; Talyc shuddered, Brenum belched, Trylia screamed, Shadie panted, Knarf made a strange gurgling sound, and Fane fell to his hands and knees. Relsor relished in their discomfort. He lifted them all at once, choking them with the Force, immobilising them in the process. He looked at each one, they could not fight back, they could not move, they were helpless.
            Fane closed his eyes for a brief moment, when he opened them, Relsor saw the Jedi fall from his elevated state and cushion his fall, landing with an echoing thump in a low crouch. Then he straightened, standing tall, and looking right at Relsor.
            ‘Finally, the day has come when I can resist your abilities, Relsor,’ said Fane. ‘I am now ready to fight you.’
            Relsor nodded at his enemy. The others remained in stasis, fuelled by Relsor’s malady.
            ‘Your friends will not be able to join the fight. They will watch as I strike you down.’
            ‘Then strike already!’
            Fane ignited his lightsaber and twirled it about, challenging Relsor; the corner of Relsor’s mouth curled into an amused snarl. The True Sith lord ignited both his red blades silmultaneously and jumped into the air towards Fane.

* * *

Fane and Relsor Duel (S9Ch12)

Fane and Relsor duel (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

            Fane braced himself for the attack and somersaulted away, using his lightsaber as a support. Sparks flew as it hit the floor and he came up on Relsor’s flank. The Chiss waved his arm, driving his lightsaber towards Fane; he blocked. Relsor sent lightning and used the Force to choke Fane, but it felt subdued. Fane was able to resist his enemy’s abilities.
            Fane blocked a series of attacks as Relsor came at him with rage and precision. The Chiss was focused, fuelled. To Fane, it felt as though something had replenished Relsor of power. He glanced around and hoped Relsor was not draining the life Force of his friends.
            Fane used the Force to push Relsor away from him and he took a few breaths.
            ‘It’s a shame you didn’t come with us when you had the chance,’ he told him.
            ‘Why? To amuse Trylia and her fantasies of the Jedi healing me and making me whole again? I am already whole, I am complete. No one could change what my existence can cause to the galaxy. But I will destroy the entire galaxy if I have to.’
            Relsor came at Fane again, striking high from side to side. Fane ducked as he blocked. He spun around and jabbed at the Chiss, who batted the aqua blade away with ease.
            ‘But you’re all alone,’ said Fane. ‘We would have offered you a friendship you would not have found anywhere else.’
            Relsor chuckled. ‘You are a fool if you think the Lord and Leader of the True Sith is alone. I am not alone, and I will die protecting what’s mine!’
            ‘The galaxy is not yours!’ said Fane. ‘The True Sith, they choose to follow you. What are you protecting?’
            Relsor sneered. ‘Wouldn’t you just like to know, Jedi Fane.’
            Fane was hit with a bolt of lightning that sent him crashing into Brenum. He apologised to his friend, for the lightning that had hit Fane hit Brenum and spread through his body. Brenum groaned, clenching his teeth, but seemed to use the Force to minimise the pain. Fane collected himself and refocused.
            Relsor lifted a hand and a storm of lightning came down on everyone. Fane heard Shadie scream gutterally, more from finding the power to endure the onslaught than from the pain.
            ‘Is this all you’ve got to give us?’ shouted Knarf.
            Relsor walked up to Knarf, holding up both blades in a criss-cross at his neck. ‘I can give you more and you won’t ever be able to say anything again after that!’
            ‘No!’ the cry came from Talyc.
            Relsor turned his head. ‘No? It’s true, you’ve seen your friend die before, time and time again. You’ve seen them all die, as they will today, and this time it will be no illusion. Perhaps I will let you die last, Clan Leader Talyc.’
            Fane threw his lightsaber at Relsor without taking a moment to think about it. The Chiss was taken aback and backed away from Knarf as he dodged the aqua coloured blade. Fane redirected his lightsaber before it could hit Knarf, and it barely grazed his helmet.
            He narrowed his eyes at Relsor who was eyeing Talyc sinisterly.
            ‘You’ll die before you touch him!’ Fane said menacingly.
            Relsor lifted his hand and formed a fist with it. Talyc began gaping under his helmet. Fane came at Relsor with everything he had, making his movements precise and slow, and full of power. Fane could hear Talyc panting as the grip on him was loosened, catching his breath. Fane glanced his way and tried to smile. The man had come prepared to die, choosing Fane over his own life. Fane wanted to promise him their lives ahead of them, ahead of this fight, but he just could not make that promise just yet, for he did not know himself if he would survive.
            Fane jumped into the air, avoiding Relsor’s two lightsabers. He flipped and landed a bit further away. He refocused; he wanted to end this.
            ‘I can feel your impatience at ending my life,’ Relsor taunted. ‘Is that truly how a Jedi is supposed to feel? Correct me if I’m wrong but–’
            ‘You’re wrong!’
            ‘But I think you were always meant to be Sith! It runs in your family, I hear. A pity you turned away from Kromus. He had high hopes for you, and so did Gourd. Perce and I would have welcomed you as our third in the True Chiss leadership.’
            ‘Third in a leadership of three? Guess that puts me on the bottom!’
            ‘Oh, so more power is tempting to you?’
            ‘No! My brother turned to the dark side, but just because we were related by blood doesn’t mean that I should follow in his footsteps. I turned away from the dark side when I realised I did not wish to be a user of the dark side. I am a Jedi; I serve the light side of the Force. Being related by blood does not dictate anyone’s path in the Force.’
            Relsor narrowed his eyes and grunted. He came at Fane with a series of quick attacks, cutting low. Fane blocked, backing away every time Relsor advanced. Relsor was eager as well; he was closing in on him. Fane decided to narrow the space between them some more and advanced a bit as well as he blocked and struck in turn. Relsor stood close to his command chair again, fighting Fane, who stood facing his enemy.
            Fane bent and swayed as he blocked and attacked, moving from side to side, tilting his body as he did so, going with the flow of the momentum from each attack and from each parry, predicting his enemy’s movements as best he could. He focused on the Force, on Relsor’s malady that he could sense. He felt Relsor going left, so he went left; he felt Relsor slashing high, so he ducked and slashed low. Relsor had an advantage with two blades, yet Fane was able to block each swipe, each strike, every time. Becoming an extension of the Force, his lightsaber an extension of himself, Fane let himself go and followed the Force, dancing with it.
            Fane bent and slashed low, spinning and coming up front again, and he saw his opening. Holding his lightsaber with both hands, he lifted it parallel to the ground and drove it towards the centre of Relsor’s sternum. At the last moment, he realised Relsor was aiming similarly, but it was too late to break the momentum.
            Fane closed his eyes, knowing he had to kill his enemy no matter what, and braced himself for the impact of Relsor’s blade into his stomach.

* * *

Talyc Holds Fane (soft) (S9Ch12)

Talyc holds Fane after his duel with Relsor (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

            Everything around Talyc stopped, as though time itself had stilled. Relsor was defeated, the hold on everyone had vanished, and they all fell back down from their Force stasis, yet to Talyc it felt as though everything around him was frozen in time.
            Fane’s aqua blade protruded out of the Chiss Sith’s back, while one of Relsor’s red blades protruded out of Fane’s abdomen. The Chiss let go of his lightsabers; they shut off. Fane powered off his lightsaber too. Relsor’s face was one of shock, then he chuckled.
            ‘Well met.’
            The Chiss’s face quickly lost all emotion as he fell to the floor, dead. Fane dropped his lightsaber, taking one staggering step backwards. The clang from the lightsaber sounded loud and heavy. The hole in Fane’s body was as apparent as the hole in Relsor’s.
            Talyc dropped his vibroblade and heard a faint echo as it hit the floor. He hadn’t even realised he still held it. He heard Shadie scream in alarm.
            Talyc did not know if his brain was registering what was happening around him in real-time or not.
            Fane fell to the floor onto his back. Talyc ran to him, taking his helmet off and cast it aside, it rolled somewhere as Talyc knelt next to Fane, taking his head in his hands and lifted it off the floor. Fane’s eyes were wide; he looked pained.
            ‘No, no,’ whispered Talyc in dismay. ‘This can’t be happening. Tell me this is an illusion, tell me this is trickery.’ Talyc touched Fane’s paling face. ‘Please stay with me. Please don’t leave me. You’re my man. I still need you.’
            ‘Talyc,’ Fane managed. He took his hand and held it tightly. ‘I would never leave you, you know that.’ Talyc closed his eyes and felt the tears pouring down his face. ‘I love you.’
            ‘I love you so much!’ Talyc told him.
            He looked up, Shadie was walking slowly towards them; Knarf took her hand. She had tears streaking down her face as well. The room was completely silent. Brenum and Trylia stood silent, mouths agape. Talyc looked at Shadie, feeling desperate.
            ‘Do something! Can’t you? You can use your powers and save him, no?’
            Shadie shook her head, then shrugged. ‘I can try.’ She knelt by Fane’s side.
            ‘Talyc,’ said Fane. ‘You may not have been Force-sensitive, but you have been my light.’
            Talyc shook his head. ‘No, no. Don’t speak that way. I can still be your light and you mine. No, Fane, you can’t die. Not like this, not now.’ Fane seemed to struggle to say something. ‘Fane?’
            Fane closed his eyes, his head lolled back, and his hand loosened the hold he had on Talyc’s.
            ‘No!’ Talyc shouted.
            He screamed in pain and anger, the anguish of his heartache harsh in his throat. He leaned his forehead onto Fane’s chest and wept heavily.
            Talyc barely noticed Shadie placing her hands on Fane.
            ‘He’s still alive,’ she said. ‘This is not possible, this…’  She trailed off. There was astonishment in her voice.
            Talyc lifted his head to see Fane’s body begin to glow, as though a Force aura was visible around him. Suddenly, the Jedi’s body lifted from the floor by a foot, and his arms and legs stretched out. Talyc bounced back slightly. Fane was aglow with a white light. Then Fane fell back to the floor and he screamed in pain. His eyes shot open and he panted, heaving heavy gasps of air.
            ‘Fane?’ Talyc leaned over Fane, shaking his head. ‘How can this be?’
            The hole in Fane’s body was closing; it was healing, slowly, somehow. Fane looked at Talyc and grabbed his hand.
            ‘The Living Force,’ he managed, breathing heavily. ‘The power of the Crypt. Lian’s help, his connection to me. And the…’ Fane had trouble speaking, but his thoughts came through clearly. ‘Kriffing kark it hurts!’ 
            Talyc wiped his face with a hand and laughed through tears. ‘You’re healing yourself, you’re alive!’ 
            Fane nodded. He smiled. ‘Lord Void shared a Holocron with me.’ Fane looked up at Knarf. ‘Usharr cracked the code. The regeneration secret Perce had found. I have it.’ Talyc was amazed and the others gasped in what seemed like relief and awe. Fance winced. His voice was still strained and he was still panting heavily, but he spoke with more ease than before. ‘Except, since I’m not a user of the dark side, I needed a bit of help, and it’s a bit different. That’s where Lian comes in.’
            ‘Well, I’ll be,’ said Knarf. ‘I never thought I’d see the day I was glad that regeneration secret existed.’
            ‘Does that mean Usharr or Void have it too?’ asked Brenum.
            ‘Usharr no, he only figured it out, but was not worthy to possess the powers the Holocron contained,’ said Fane. ‘Void, well, he didn’t say.’
            ‘I guess it pays to have a few Sith friends after all,’ said Brenum, smiling. He wiped a small tear from the corner of his eye.
            Talyc leaned over Fane and kissed him with all his love. Then he cradled Fane in his arms some more, helping him into a more sitting position.
            ‘Fane, my man,’ he whispered. ‘You’re my man.’
            Talyc kissed him again and Fane returned the kiss fiercely. Talyc held him tightly. Then Fane winced a bit.
            ‘Mhmm.’ Fane pulled out of the kiss. ‘Careful,’ he said.
            ‘Sorry,’ Talyc smiled. Fane took a few deep breaths. ‘Fane, I need to tell you something. There’s a reason why I was ready to die if you died. There is a reason why I was willing to give up my life.’ He placed his hands on Fane’s shoulders as the Jedi looked at him with tender eyes. ‘I don’t ever want to be without you ever again; I cannot fathom my life without you. I want you to be my man for the rest of my life.’
            Fane smiled. ‘I feel the same way.’
            Talyc smiled back and stared at him for what seemed like a long moment. ‘Marry me?’ he asked at last.
            It seemed as though realisation came to Fane’s face. The Jedi kissed Talyc with passion.
            ‘Yes!’ He wrapped his arms around Talyc.
            ‘I love you, Fane.’
            ‘I love you, Talyc.’
            Talyc took Fane’s face in his hands. ‘I am ready to commit to you in more ways than I have ever before.’
            Fane nodded. The others sobbed and this time their faces reflected the joy Talyc felt. Fane turned his head and reached a hand towards Shadie who took it. He looked at his friends.
            ‘Lian lent me his powers, so that mine could be stronger,’ said Fane. ‘I could feel the Force around me, the Living Force fuelling me. The power I have from the Crypt allowed me to sustain myself while the powers from the Holocron did their work healing and regenerating me where I was broken. It used a bit of the life energy I sensed around me. Talyc,’ Fane looked at him, ‘your love for me, our love, our light… You don’t need to be Force-sensitive; you just need to be alive. What we share is so powerful, so alive; it exists in the Force, regardless of anything else. Our love transcends any wrongdoings, any dark side musings, and it forgives.’ Talyc nodded. ‘I will marry you and keep saving your life for the rest of our lives.’
            ‘Cheeky!’ Talyc chuckled.
            ‘Oh, Fane.’ Shadie leaned in and took him in a warm embrace.
            ‘You gave us a right scare, there,’ said Brenum, wiping another tear. ‘Don’t you do that again!’
            ‘Don’t worry,’ said Fane. ‘I think I’m done here. I think I’ve fulfilled my destiny. We’ll see what the Force has in store for me next.’
            Fane took Talyc’s hand. The Mandalorian took Fane in his arms, careful this time not to touch the wound that was still healing itself. After some time, Fane pulled away slightly and looked over Talyc’s shoulder, as though to make sure Relsor was truly dead.
            ‘He’s dead,’ said Shadie. ‘I could sense it in the Force. You did it, Fane. You killed him once and for all.’
            ‘You certainly did a better job than me,’ said Knarf, winking at Fane and smiling.
            At that moment, Mandalore, followed by Master Herl’unik and Lord Void, entered the room. A few other Mandalorians, Jedi, and Sith trailed behind them. Mandalore held something in his hands.
            ‘I am glad to see you alive and well, Jedi Fane,’ he said. Even though he wore his helmet, Talyc could hear the smile through his voice. ‘I’m glad to see Clan Kandera and its clan leader alive and well.’ He nodded at Talyc, who smiled back. ‘These two,’ he pointed two thumbs at each of the faction leaders behind him, ‘sensed your victory in the Force.’
            ‘Relsor’s death rippled through the Force,’ said Lord Void.
            ‘I thought I had sensed another death as well,’ said Master Herl’unik. ‘I’m glad to see I sensed wrong.’ Master Herl’unik took in a deep breath and walked to the dead Sith. He passed his hands above his body, as though scanning through the Force. ‘He is indeed dead,’ he said. He turned to Fane. ‘And you are alive.’
            ‘I didn’t die,’ said Fane, ‘but I almost did.’ He looked at the Dark Council leader. ‘That Holocron, Lord Void, did the trick, with Lian’s help of course.’
            ‘You’ll thank Master Usharr,’ said Lord Void. ‘It was mostly his doing.’ The Dark Lord stared at Relsor’s limp body for a moment, his face impassive. He walked to it and crouched down close to Master Herl’unik. ‘Relsor’s creation was a mistake that should never have happened. At last, he has met his end; he can no longer destroy the Force and all who exist within it.’
            ‘Yeah, tell that to the monster who created him,’ said Talyc.
            ‘You cannot assume to know the reasons behind his creation, Talyc Kandera.’ Lord Void took Relsor’s hand and lifted his arm a bit, as though wanting to feel physically that he was truly dead. ‘It is strange how normal he looks now. It was unfortunate. The error has now been corrected.’
            Master Herl’unik nodded. ‘Wise words, Lord Void.’
            The Sith placed Relsor’s hand back down. ‘Through victory, my chains are broken.’ He drew a deep breath and let out a sigh. ‘What will you do with the body?’
Void by Relsor's Body w (S9Ch12)

Lord Void crouches by Relsor’s body (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

            ‘We would like to bring it to Mandalore for a bonfire send-off,’ said Trylia. ‘He did not ask to be created the way he was. I would like to send him back into the Force for his soul to heal, even if just symbolically.’
            ‘A fair request,’ said Master Herl’unik, getting up, Lord Void following suit. The Grand Master pointed at Mandalore. ‘We found his Holocron.’
            ‘I believe the Sith would be able to study it,’ said Lord Void quickly.
            ‘I believe it is safer in the hands of the Jedi,’ said Master Herl’unik.
            ‘Since you are the one who destroyed Relsor,’ said Mandalore, ‘we decided we would let you decide what to do with the Holocron.’
            Talyc helped Fane get up; his man looked at the others.
            ‘The last thing we need,’ said Fane, ‘is a repeat from what happened with Kromus’s Holocron. We know Relsor learnt from Gourd and Kromus, so best not take any chances.’ He took a beat. ‘We destroy it.’
            ‘Very well.’ Mandalore placed the Holocron on the floor.
            Fane called his lightsaber to his hand and ignited it. He walked to the Holocron and paused only long enough to focus on the point where he would strike it. He drove his lightsaber into the Holocron, but instead of shattering it, the lightsaber bounced off.
            ‘The clever barve,’ said Talyc. ‘That Holocron is made with beskar!’
            ‘Well there’s only one lightsaber we know to be able to go through beskar,’ said Mandalore.
            ‘And Lian keeps it safe,’ said Fane. ‘Therefore, the Holocron goes to Lian.’
            ‘Very well,’ said Lord Void. ‘A fair deal. I trust Jedi Master Lian.’
            Mandalore nodded, so did Master Herl’unik.
            The Mandalorians, Jedi, and Sith were all chatting quietly, as the leaders continued to mingle with the Jedi from Clan Kandera. It seemed as though the latest gossip from each other’s factions was what was most interesting to the others, now that Relsor was destroyed. They would each return home and continue to be enemies after this, but for a brief moment, Mandalorian, Jedi and Sith mingled as though they had all been invited to the same party, and were being civil with each other.
            Knarf was saying something about the superlasers, while Shadie was praising Fane to everyone, describing the fight she had witnessed with great enthusiasm.
            Talyc closed his eyes, smiling, and let out a sigh of relief. It was over. He turned to Fane. ‘Let’s take you home. Or, to the Crypt, and then home.’

“The Future of the Force” is written by Celinka Serre (2022).

Disclaimer: The Characters in this Fan-Fiction are new and have original names. The story is an original written work. The story is derivative and consistent of Fan-Fiction since it borrows the franchise world of Star Wars. Certain jargon and places, or concepts mentioned, along with the SW Old Republic universe belong to Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney. No characters or story lines from the films are used. No story lines or characters from the games or books are used. A handful of characters from the games may be referenced, but are not the main focus in this fanfic story.  This fan-fiction story falls under Fair Use.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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