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Welcome to the Character Interviews for Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing. Below are the list of Interviews for the characters Niome Fairhave, Meysah Fairhaven, Jimmesh Hochka, Vigh Nimrod, And Boreth Culmik.

The 5 of the Star (Stardust Destinies – Celinka Serre)

The premise is our heroes have but begun their journey, and are intercepted by an archivist of history who has sat down with them after they’ve set up camp for the night to ask them questions so he can record them into his book. This occurrence does not take place in the book for real, but suppose that it did, the answers in each interview are what each character would actually reply.

The questions and answers explore lore and history of the Great Ocean Valley, and the backstory of each of the five main characters, without giving away spoilers to the events taking place within the book.

Niome Fairhaven Character Interview

Meysah Fairhaven Character Interview

Jimmesh (Jimmy) Hochka Character Interview

Vigh Nimrod Character Interview

Boreth Culmik Character Interview

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