16 – The Tower

Solas (Ending/Gone)

Significance: To go along with my Shepherd theory, on this card and figuratively speaking, the wolf scarily towers over the Shepherd.

16 - The Tower

The card itself represents: Destruction, sudden change, deconstruction, truths that are revealed, upheaval, end of illusions, collapsed established order, shaking events, quick and drastic changes, unexpected events, enlightenment, disruptions forcing change, deceits that are revealed, release from oppression, a time to rebuild, negative situations that may end, rebellion, etc.

Well, when Solas leaves, what we learn certainly ends all illusions we had of the Dread Wolf.  His actions reveal the truth to us.  And he was the God of Rebellion.

Reversed: Repressed anger, resistance to change, avoidance of danger, self blame and self hate, self deception, ignoring reality, hidden fears, retention, etc.

16-The Tower

A giant black wolf towers above him, like a demon, dripping the blood of the victims from his past mistakes.  His attachment to his past apparent by the dark filaments connecting him and the wolf.  It is his pride.  Yet he still journeys forward, trying to find his way, amidst a background that represents chaos, woe, anger, torment.  His pride looms over him so fiercely, as though ready to swallow him and engulf him in its darkness, yet he does not let it, he stands tall, unfearing, looking to the path ahead of him, but also looking to his past and reflecting upon it.  His face is lit with the gentle blueish turquoise of the moon, thus he is resolved and his calm nature still prevails.

What I think this means for Solas: His pride is preventing him from letting go of the past, but he doesn’t strike me as thinking he is above everyone else.  If he could just let go, then his pride, the wolf, would fade away.

What I think this means for DA: We have to save Thedas, and reaching the good natured and gentle side of Solas might help.  But if we cannot, the wolf will take over like a demon and we will lose him, we will lose Solas, in more ways than one.  And we will lose the shepherd and we will be forever lost.  The Shepherd will be forever lost.

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