20 – Judgement

Blackwall (Companion Quest)

Significance: When pardoned, he is free to choose, or when he is joining the Grey Wardens too, in either case, Blackwall has received his judgement, and Thom Rainier is reborn.  He would see everyone thus justly judged.

20 - Judgement

The card itself represents: Guidance, rewarded efforts, answers, reaping good harvest, fulfilled potentials, surety, veils that are removed, overcoming personal limitations, rebirth, being renewed, judgement, atonement, making changes for the better, solutions found, healing, etc.

Blackwall sheds his illusions and, when that happens, a new Thom Rainier is reborn.

Reversed: Indecision, hesitancy, narrow-mindedness, disappointing results in regards to efforts, failure to heed warning, correcting past mistakes, the breach of a contract, working towards improvement, etc.


He heroically swoops down, riding a golden griffon, an animal that represents freedom and courage, it is divine and spiritual, its beak and claws attacking the darkspawn his sword points at; he is in command.  The griffon’s gold feathers represent illumination and wisdom, its white mane a symbol of protection and understanding; Blackwall’s, or Thom Rainier’s, loyalty is reflected by the blue wings that open up so majestically, further confirming the trust Thom possesses in himself, as he is renewed as a better man.  The waxing moon symbolises growth, as atop his great griffon, he lights up the sky, large rays extended far into the night sky; the light will thrive.  His shield itself is a white wing, reinforcing the purity of his soul, and the strength of his will.

What I think this means for Blackwall: He will act as a guide for many and will lead them towards the light, protecting them.

What I think this means for DA: You know how it says “veils that are removed”?  I hope it’s not literal, or at least not in the way that will destroy Thedas.  Something tells me: light, Chant of light, darkspawn, a veil, a lie, will be removed, about that, about maybe the Fade, and we will be guided to the solution we need to find.

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