21 – The World

Vivienne (Divine)

Significance: As Divine, being also a Mage and Grand Enchanter and First Enchanter, Vivienne has the whole of Thedas looking up to her, at her beck and call, and at her mercy.

21 - The World

The card itself represents: Healing, wholeness, well-being, empowerment, attained objectives, good conclusions, ease of mind, good thoughts, the end of a matter, completion, success, fulfillment, honours, perfection, etc.

Vivienne certainly sees herself as the image of the perfect mage.

Reversed: Unresolved situations, unfinished projects, self-importance, elitism, seeking attainment, setbacks for efforts, more work that is required, suspension, long delays, stagnation, etc.

21-The World

She stands looking forwards, her Orlesian Enchanter’s crown set upon her head, clad in black and gold, colours of night and day.  A light behind her shines, revealing her power, she is after all a mage, First and Grand Enchanter, and now, the Divine.  She holds two serpents, one in each hand, as their forked tongues stick out, beholding the choices in direction we may yet decide to go.  The snake also symbolises renewal and eternity.  Vivienne holds two, reinforcing further balance within constant change, as well as the duality with which we are often presented in life.  A light blue rain drop, which symbolises plentifulness, brings our attention to her third eye, the Chakra that connects us with that which is within us: spirituality, magic, and the divine.

What I think this means for Vivienne: It is somewhat controversial that she be Divine, because she’s a Mage, and the Chantry views mages differently, believing that magic must serve and not rule, but she will play an important role for bringing on the balance of power.

What I think this means for DA: Duality is the contrast or opposition of two aspects or concepts.  The Chant of Light versus Mages, how it’s been perceived over the ages.  Vivienne as Divine represents these two opposing concepts of the on-going war between Mages and the Chantry.  Yet she is one.  Could she bring this duality to an end and bring on Unity?

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