Nine of Staves


Significance: Ah, Pride!  One of the most powerful types of demons, faith and wisdom, when corrupted, produce this tough cookie.  But it is only at number nine, as it is not the most powerful type of demon.

Staves 09

The card itself represents: Endurance and persistence, job security, being territorial, ability to succeed, career power, anticipating difficulties, concentration, alertness, courage, wisdom, hard work, etc.

Reversed: Defeat and loss, impracticality, prejudice, uncertainties, influence rejected, bad judgements, obstinacy, authority that is relinquished, misdirected energy, abandonment, giving up, etc.

Staves 09 O

Branches on a clawed arm grow upwards, as the ego tries to reach a higher level and best itself, better everyone, believing in its surety, that it is not wrong, but it is a demon, losanges as eyes, looking down on everyone.  Faded grey indicate the nuances found with pride.  One can be proud and yet be humble and not let the emotion consume or become them.  Though others will be proud, too much to admit mistake, or take responsibility, or so much it will hurt others and when one is lost by the negative and darker side of pride, the demon will possess them and take control over all reason.

What I think this means for DA: Pride is at the forefront now, for Solas’s name means “pride”.  The Pride of Arlathan, the Pride of the Elven people, and he has presumably lost his way due to his pride.  As explored in the Dread Wolf story, he lost the good aspect of pride, since he “bit his own tail off”.  Pride is a major theme in Dragon Age lore, and I think if we are to save Solas, we must make him see how his pride caused him to act as a demon would in seeking destruction.  His pride makes him want to restore what is already lost, but who’s to say it won’t fail?  And then everything will be lost, all will have been for nothing, all will have been destroyed, all because one elf was too proud to admit defeat and blinded by his pride, and thus rendering him unable to help those whom he could, those whom he wanted to help.

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