Three of Staves


Significance: Like the Inquisitor tells Scout Harding, a corpse is only a dead person whose body’s been possessed by a demon.  Another weak version of a demon.  I can assume, as the numbers get higher in the Suit, we will see stronger demons (well, I actually already know).  So they are not as weak as Wraiths, perhaps only because when they appear, they do so in great number.  Typically, there isn’t just one of them, there are a bunch of corpses grouped together.

Staves 03

The card itself represents: Business gains, meeting deadlines, good returns on projecs, optimism, receptivity and diligence, celebrating success, taking command, planning for the next step, accepting aid and advice, etc.

Reversed: Pride that interfered with goals, lack of faith, being overly speculative, inhibition, impractical schemes, premature abandonment, halfhearted participation, assistance that is denied, lack of resources and/or lack of creativity, abusing trust, etc.

Staves 03 O

Where there is one Corpse, there are always many more, and the three with faces stretched, as they rise from the earth, indicate just that.  Identical, the multitude of corpses reveal wispy and glowing patterns on their arms and hands, marked by the Fade.  Unliving, the trio screams as though in pain, possessing dead hosts, strength reflected in the numbers of the skeletal bodies buried deep in the dank soil.

What I think this means for DA: Whether it’s from a Blight or caused by a rift, corpses appear where the Veil is thin.  They show as example that strength alone can be vulnerable, but strength in numbers can be dangerous and deadly.  I see it more as a tactic to remember, rather than a warning about future Corpses, but there will be Corpses in future games, I’m sure of it.

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