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Varric (After “Here Lies the Abyss”)

Significance: Varric is part of the Merchants’ Guild and brings in a lot of coin.  I think here he represents the negative aspects of the Coins suit and how one could come to ruin.

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The card represents: Women aged 36 and under, being different, self-reliant, generous, simple, loyal, having practical studies, studiousness, personal identity, diligence, business deals, practical skills, honesty, outwitting rivals, etc.

Varric is certainly loiyal and know how to outwit rivals, and Cassandra.

Reversed: Excessive vanity, unrealistic goals, blockages, stupidity, lack of skills, dissatisfaction with work or career, an unwillingness to work towards one’s goals, allies who steal ideas, impulsive false start, lack of recognition, etc.

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He falls onto his knees, in desperation, vying to quiet the voices of fear and agony that torment his restless mind.  Amid smoke and ash, in a sombre forest, ghostly figures in a deathly red, claw at him from afar, claw at themselves, and claw ever upwards, trying to escape their conflicting torments as well, towards a lightless sky.  Sand splashes his face, as he hides it, leaning on his crossbow, his only source of comfort.

What I think this means for Varric: He had fears, scary thoughts, his ordeal with the Nightmare Demon left him troubled and shaken, yet he’s the type of bounce back.  I think those fears may surface again.  We may yet discover some more serious sides to Varric in future games, and Bianca.  (And I think Bianca is who can comfort him, the real Bianca.)

What I think this means for DA: The events of that mission, “Here Lies the Abyss”, had a great impact on all of Thedas; going into the Fade physically.  Plus, revisiting some Maker theories, the demon in the Fade, whatever we experienced there, it’s not the end of that story, let alone the end of whomever was left behind.

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