Five of Staves


Significance: We’re beginning to see slightly more powerful demons; as Shade is a demon that appears outside the Fade, but without a (spirit) host.  And they are a little tougher to destroy.  These demons, as you’ve seen, represent more the reversed aspect of these cards.

Staves 05

The card itself represents: A need for team work, a struggle to achieve one’s goals, competition, progress despite conflict, cooperation that overcomes conflict, rise in status, problems solved by cooperation, self-challenge, pushing boundaries, etc.

Reversed: Disputes, stubbornness, wasted energy, complex problems, arguments, contradiction, nervous tension, letting go of unessential projects, the cessation of a problematic period, etc.

Staves 05 O

Dark like the shade, the demon is the shade, hidden by its own darkness, cloaked by the darkness of the world around it.  Like a spotlight, its massive eye lights the path ahead, as it creeps up in the night, a dark deep blue of a more powerful demon.  Self-reliant, the Shade wanders from prey to prey, bearing hoops near its head, as though it were wearing earrings.  The smoke of the Fade is at its feet, showing it floating ominously, as it lurks in the shadows.

What I think this means for DA: I think as events unfold, more and more demons may appear, as mentioned previously.  Shades, since they are demons without a host, could become the most common and numerous of demons.  It’s tough to gauge the future of Thedas in regards to or based on a Shade, but one thing’s for sure, they will lurk in the shadows, and bring darkness with them wherever they go.

Links to the Tarot Decks Used in the Comparison, the DAI Tarot Deck, and the Books used to determine what the cards actually represent:

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