12 – The Hanged Man

Sera (Romanced)

Significance: Being able to balance upside down, hanging on one foot, it only makes sense to me that Sera, who like roof tops and can balance herself through life’s transitions, be the one associated with this card.

12 - The Hanged Man

The card itself represents: Stamina and endurance, meditation, inner peace, patience, courage, individuality and independence, paused activity, transition, austerity, weighing options, deciding on changes, surrender, deeper understanding, empathy, jesters, etc.

Sera, the jester, our fool, has always been an independent soul, and she’s at peace with herself, more or less.

Reversed: Time for action, confusion, missed opportunities, self-sabotage, entanglement, fear of change, obsession, paranoia, disobedience, reprieve, release, ending of self-delusions, etc.

12-The Hanged Man

She suspends herself upside down, supported by her left foot, which clutches her bow, her right foot providing balance; it is an upside down version of the Yoga Tree pose, a tree that is rooted and where much growth is possible.  Also, a connection between being rooted and intuition, as it is upside down.  With her hands behind her head, she leisurely clenches an arrow between her teeth.  The all seeing eye of the Seekers reveals the truth of her affection, as hearts coil in swirls around it, and the sword points to the root Chakra and indicates her sensual nature and desires.

What I think this means for Sera: As strange and violent as Sera can be, she has a very affectionate side to her.  As a Red Jenny, she will protect those whom she loves and for whom she cares, her friends, she’ll stick up for is right, she’ll stick up for the little guy against the bully.

What I think this means for DA: It’s possible the Red Jennies will surrender, not in the defeated sense, but in the embracing sense, and provide protection for the Inquisition and its allies.  And they’ll probably always remain allies with the Inquisitor.

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