Photo Editing

Binky Productions offers Photo Editing Services as well. Using Photoshop we can do various touch-ups to perfect your pictures (wedding pictures, modelling stills, Head Shots, Cosplay photos, publicity and promotional images, real estate images, merchandise, etc.).

The touch-ups we do include: balance colour and light (overall and in isolated areas), adjust over-exposure / low exposure, whiten teeth, lighten eyes (for a natural look as well as for a more fantastical effect), remove blemishes, fix eye brows, remove stray hairs, unify skin and tone, remove piercings, adjust backgrounds (removing unwanted distractions or shadows), etc. We can also remove subjects from backgrounds, change the colour of an item in your photo, and a number of other various adjustments to enhance a photo. The list of what we can do to enhance images grows every day.

We can also add some special effects in your images, such as lightning and lightsabers, which can highly enhance your cosplay photos. See below for some examples.

If you require any Photo Editing Services, you may contact us at: for a quote.

Here are some examples of some touchups done for some customers as well as some of our own photos we’ve worked on. All images were Photo Edited by Celinka Serre.

Touch-ups to Professional Headshots
Adding Make-up From Scratch in Photoshop
Adding Clarity to Old Family Photos
Event Photos with Colour, Lighting & Blur or Sharpen Adjustments
Dark Side Corruption

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