Four of Swords

Hard Difficulty

Significance: I’m not sure why this particular card is this tarot card, as in, I’m not sure if it became the tarot card because of the four red blades protruding from the warrior, or if it was designed that way specifically with the Four of Swords in mins.  Either way, it fits.

Swords 04

The card itself represents: Study and analysis, a vacation, appraisal, tensions that ease, being patient but vigilant, recuperation, patience, etiquette, rest after a period of stress, temporary resolutions, a break from the routine, relaxing, positive verdicts, discretion, etc.

Reversed: Paranoia, impracticality, exclusion, illness that requires rest, crudity, agitation and sleeplessness, blocked expression, taking precautions, irrational thinking, etc.

Swords 04 O

With empty eyes, an armoured knight sits as though the cobwebs around him bind him up and render him immobile.  He is trapped and got caught in a dangerous web that has slowly sapped his life away.  A sword pierces his chest, protruding through his back and multiplying into four red ends, as his blood spatters.  It is a macabre scene of life leaving a helpless body and where death was inevitable.

What I think this means for DA: To make a pun, if we don’t play our cards right, depending on the choices we make and have made, we may find ourselves in a bind, and some outcomes may result in death.  Critical mission failure!  I knew I should have fed the prisoner back in Dragon Age: Origins, right before the joining.  Imagine.  We never know which choices might have repercussions.  Thank goodness for the Dragon Age Keep, where we can go and change a few things if need be!

Links to the Tarot Decks Used in the Comparison, the DAI Tarot Deck, and the Books used to determine what the cards actually represent:

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