King of Cups

Corypheus, The Elder One

Significance: It’s the red lyrium King himself, the leader of all the red lyrium minions, the one who was a great Tevinter Magister, a leader perhaps for his country, the ancient one, behold the Elder One, the one who aspired to be a god, “the will that is Corypheus.”

Cups 14 King

The card itself represents: Men aged 36 and younger, being professional and reliable, understanding, friendly, charming, passionate, giving good advice, being tolerant, religious, sacrificing, generous, etc.

Well, Corypheus is certainly religious and passionate.

Reversed: Zealousness, coldness, sly, insensitivity, being unjust, limited self-knowledge, poor social skills, being self-serving, a change of heart, abuse, death, materialism, obstructionism, etc.

Cups KingSeveral lyrium infused arms protrude from his corrupted body, one of which holds a goblet, ready to fill it up completely, perhaps already having it be too full.  Within his body, shining like molten lava, lies the blight that began from his existence and the deeds he once committed.  It burns through the rib-cage of his skeletal and deformed body, the anger that fuels him in the eyes that saw the betrayals of those who once called themselves gods.  He claims to know truth, therefore crosses his arms and closes himself to the world he wishes would obey him.  Unemotional, other than his rage, he wishes to deceive and pass as a god himself, thus depicted by the turquoise hue of his skin.  The white around him gripping him, a reflection of his cold demeanor, and the emptiness in his heart, an emptiness that is now filled with the dark taint of blights.

What I think this means for Corypheus and for DA: He’s destroyed, but perhaps not dead.  He could still exist in the Fade.  What if he came face to face with the Nightmare Demon?  Would he join it and ensure the Warden or Hawke or Alistair is killed, or would he learn something and help Hawke or whomever, only to ensure that the truth was known.  Could the truth of the demon be linked with what Corypheus has been saying about the Maker and the City?  Will the demon try to recruit Corypheus?  In any case, I think he still exists in the Fade, and that what he claims, and has been claiming all throughout Inquisition, will play a pivotal role in the next game.

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