Human & Qunari Face Paint Cosplay

The following are images and still shots drawn from videos that feature Face Paint and Face “Tattoos” from Human and Qunari Cosplay from the world of Dragon Age.

Images are of and were taken by Celinka Serre, and were adjusted in Photoshop. Some of these were taken with a Canon Powershot FX730 HS using the self-timer function, others are still frames from a Sony camcorder. These photos span from January 2017 to August 2018.

Silentir (the Dragon Age Constellation drawn as a Face Tattoo), in honour of the Old God Dumat (August 2018)


Hawke Face Paint (October 2017)


The long-hair Cassandra Look (July 2017)


Intense Poison Spider Vitaar for a Qunari (January 2017)



Darth Shadie, Jedi Eidahs, Rosiet (or simply Rosie)

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