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Binky Ink (in other words Celinka Serre) offers the service of Freelance Writing. I will write with integrity and in the tone your site or magazine requires. Be you an online magazine, newspaper, freelance website, writer’s blog site, website, or anything that would require a guest writer or freelance writer, I am here for you.


In the past, I have written for sites like Collectively Beautiful with Cindy Charles (DIY beauty), for PopOptiq (gaming and film), for Everyday ADDvice (ADD and ADHD) and for The Muse Project on Steemit/Hive (relationships, women, healing and CPTSD).

Otherwise, I write regularly on Hive, for all sorts of topics, such as: food, relationships, health, healing, gaming, abuse, etc. These days, most of what I share is my own work from Green Healing and my other channels.

If you would like me to write for you, simply reach out at: and let me know what topics you would like me to write for you, so we can discuss further details together. Thank you!

Twitter / YouTube (Films & Media) / YouTube (Gaming) / Green Healing

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