Dragon Age Fan-Fiction

A series of Fan-Fiction Short Stories taking place in Thedas, the realm of the Dragon Age video game franchise.

Please note that many stories are intended for mature readers.

As It Was Intended (Maric, Rowan, Loghain – Explicit) is now up!

Stories appear in order of publication date.

The Demon Undead

The Demon Hunts the God

Elated Bathing (A Dorian/Trevelyan Explicit Scene)

Does This Please You? (Nathaniel Howe and Cousland – Explicit)

The Warden and the Commander (Alistair and Cullen – Explicit)

Lucid Dreaming (Solas and Lavellan – Explicit)

Rooftop Escapade (Bethany and Isabela)

Desperate Desire (Solas and Lavellan – Explicit Angst)

A Seductive Contract (Lucanis Dellamorte – Explicit)

An Arousing Choice (Imshael and Evelyne Trevelyan – Explicit)

Cookies for Wifey (Sera and Lavellan Fluff)

As It Was Intended (Maric, Rowan, Loghain – Explicit)

Unmasked and Naked At the Winter Palace (Emperor Gaspard and Lady Trevelyan – Explicit)

Be My Calling (Loghain and Elissa Cousland)

Return To Me (Loghain and Ellana Lavellan – Explicit)

Keeping Warm (Duncan and Fiona – Explicit)

A Proper Goobye (Nicolas and Julien Version 1 of 5 – Explicit)

Forever With You (Nicolas and Julien Version 2 of 5 – Explicit)

A New Dream (Nicolas and Julien Version 3 of 5 – Explicit)

Never Fading Heaven (Nicolas and Julien Version 4 of 5 – Explicit)

In Afterlife, Elation (Nicolas and Julien Version 5 of 5 – Explicit)

Solas’s First (Solas in Red Lantern District Arlathan – Explicit)

Earnest and Naked At Skyhold (Emperor Gaspard and Lady Trevelyan – Explicit)

More coming soon.

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