9 – The Hermit

Solas (Default)

Significance: Solas has all but isolated himself, so he’s a hermit, he’s a lone wolf and a stranger, a ranger, an apostate; his agents, before the Inquisition, were his only contacts, and he has few companions.  He’s also very isolated because his friend are spirits and not actual being, because he comes from a realm that’s very collated with the Fade.  As a being who has existed for thousands of years, living in a Thedas that is not connected with the Fade must be very alien to him.

9 - The Hermit

The card itself represents: Endings or changes, seeking, partings, forging a new path, reflecting, solitude, introspection for enlightenment, wisdom yet prudence, personal growth, discretion in sharing wisdom, guidance, etc.

Solas does refrain from telling us all the answers, discretion or selection in sharing the wisdom.

Reversed: Impulsiveness, reclusiveness, imprudence, loneliness, error, wrong conclusions, haste and impatience, etc.09-The Hermit

He stands alone, holding his staff at a diagonal, its end the head of a halla, a symbol of Ghilan’nain, the mother of the halla, and an Evanuris.  The elves believe that a halla leads them into the afterlife, an outcome, which might occur for many if Solas’s plans to tear down the Veil come to fruition.  Above his hand, a small flame floats, representing passion and pride.  Small stars line the dark sky around his head, a symbol for truth.  A blue moon behind him reflects surrender, release, and contemplation, as imagery for the four elements surround him, bringing equilibrium to his troubled mind.

What I think this means for Solas: He may contemplate other possibilities and consider other options if such evidence and opportunities present themselves.

What I think this means for DA: I think we’ll see Solas become less Solas and more Fen’Harel as he steps back into his true self due to the four elements representations; it’s possible this means shedding his pride and the wolf becoming the shepherd.

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