Eight of Staves


Significance: Fueled by and attracted to rage, it only makes sense that they be at number 8, which when turned to its side, is associated with infinity, as these demons are caught in an eternal loop: Rage creates them, they gravitate towards rage, which feeds them to become stronger, gravitating towards more of the very thing from whence they came: rage.

Staves 08

The card itself represents: Sudden progress, news or communication coming from far, events that gain speed, quick but non-permanent progress, haste, busy schedule, quick change of direction, strong motivation, etc.

Reversed: Apathy, bad timing, deception, a cancelled or delayed journey, a too hasty decision, quarrels, attack, holding back, setbacks, creative tensions, anger and aggression, unnecessary fear, poor work ethics, etc.

Staves 08 O

Dark and powerful, the emotion feels raw, it overpowers, it takes over, it laughs, yet it screams, hot red glowing like a burning fire, ever consuming, never ending, seeking destruction, an outlet to take itself out on, penetrating the peaceful calmness of the night and awakening a deep and glooming demon within, its strength unmatched as it swallows every positive emotion to transform and with which to fuel itself.  It oozes, it burns, ti rages.  Multiple Nabla symbols, pale in colour, depict how other emotions are connected with and can lead to rage.  The demon consumes all in its path, like a forest fire, and only water of cool and blue, the allowance and acceptance of a natural flow of emotions, can quell the rage within before it is possessed completely by a rage demon.

What I think this means for DA: Rage consumed Corypheus, his anger towards the Old Gods, towards the False Gods, the Maker, and all of Thedosians.  Rage will consume another, and if we don’t do anything about it, Thedas will burn.  “In the raw chaos…

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