Ace of Swords

The Templar Order

Significance: The Templars are there to defend, to keep order, and to take arms when needed.

Swords 01 Ace

The card itself represents: Renewal, victory, achievements, new thought patterns, breakthrough, mental agility, truth, accuracy, foresight, clarity of thought, strong will, determination, enlightenment, strong health, etc.

The Templar Order represents that strong, protective aspect, where Templar and Seeker became one, and are supposed to be the ones with a clear mental state.  Though over the years, the Templar Order may have become the reversed of this card.

Reversed: Quarrels, being self-destructive, making bad decisions, inappropriate choices, confusion, obstacles, inaction, incompetent judgement, tyranny, hindrance to plans, truth that is disregarded, mental dysfunction, being quick-tempered, paranoia, insanity, etc.

Swords Ace

As a pattern, sturdy diamonds shapes, in the metal grey of armour, line a black banner of power and potency; a white swords shines through, as once the Order was pure.  White flames extend from the sword, a driving force of passion.  The sword points downwards, southwards, representing physical strength, adventure, and loyalty, all attributes these knights vie for; all prerequisites to survive the wars they fight.

What I think this means for the Templar Order: Much has changed about the Templars over the ages and their dependence on lyrium has become a hindrance.  They were once Seekers, and Seekers were once Templars.  Their futures are linked together.

What I think this means for DA: There may be a way to go back to the teachings of old, to go from being lyrium addicts to knights, able to help mages without the need for lyrium.

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