The Portal – Where the Dragons Dwell — Epic Fantasy Lore for Stardust Destinies

The Portal lies deep within the Dragon’s Lair in the heart of the mountain Darakön. It is the portal into and from the celestial realm from where the dragons come and a source of great magic.

A Piece From Kaulchèc History

Before recorded history, the Kaulchèc came to the Great Ocean Valley and taught polcs how to utilise their magic in more powerful and practical ways. These Kaulchèc also discovered that if one enters the Portal, one can understand and master magic more powerfully. Upon reemerging from the Portal, one will be more powerful than any other.

To mitigate greed for power, Teloria’s rulers declared that one could only go through the Portal near the end of their life if they were already powerful enough in magic. In this way, that polc would die and become a star and not reemerge. Thus, the people of Teloria came to an agreement with the dragons who guarded the Portal.

However, greed for power overcame Bortah Mittèlor during King Silovah Firlan Mittèlor’s rule, and the king banished his brother and other members of his family from Teloria, in 2260 of Kaulchèc History. Eventually, fearing that greed would overcome him as well, Silovah Firlan left in exile, with many following him, and formed the small kingdom of Firlan Forest.

Over time, Bortah Mittèlor and his followers and new allies from the western islands, founded Morok, now known as Mork, with the goal to one day gain access to the Portal.

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Stardust Destinies I Variate Facing – the Book

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Relsor and His Demise (SWTOR Fanfic Photoshop Experiments)

Maranna is another new antagonist, and depicted by the SWTOR character of the same name. Here Maranna and Relsor are sharing an intimate moment. I basically took their gear off and took screenshots. I moved Relsor’s arm a bit and tilted his head. This image otherwise required a very basic edit.

Relsor and Maranna intimate (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

For Relsor contemplating his fate, I merely took a screenshot of my character Shadyer sitting on his ship. I made a few quick adjustments in Photoshop, and that was it for this one.

Relsor contemplates his fate (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

Relsor dueling Fane was a bit more complex than I anticipated because of the dual lightsabers Relsor wields and the position I had him in, and wanted him in. Still, I moved his arms and played around with the lightsaber enough to get to seem like I wanted.

Fane’s arms needed moving, but I use a basic combat stance to begin with. I always enjoy doing lightsabers and adjusting their reflections onto the characters wielding them.

Fane and Relsor duel (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

Those of you who read the Epilogue, now understand why Lord Void crouched before Relsor’s body and uttered the final phrase of the Sith Code, “Through victory, my chains are broken.” All throughout the novellas since Void’s introduction, I have been dropping hints as to his actual relationship with Relsor and who Relsor is to him.

It feels sad though, the end of Relsor. He was one of my favourite antagonists. But there are others, some now introduced, and some not yet introduced. Relsor’s legacy will live on with the True Sith, and with other very important characters.

In SWTOR, I had Shayder faint to get this position. I added the lightsabers on the ground, and played around with adding shadow here. Lord Void is in a kneel-crouch, which I did in-game as well.

Lord Void crouches by Relsor’s body (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

Relsor’s saga has ended, but Maranna is at large, Awgro is still after Talyc, and the masked True Sith who keeps popping up impromptu is a powerful Force-user with yet-to-be-revealed ties to one of the Jedi. I’ve also got another set of exciting allies to introduce in the next novella story, so stay tuned for that; the ultimate adventures for the heroes has only just begun and they don’t even know it.

As always, I’m open to feedback.

These images were created for my Star Wars The Old Republic Fan-fiction story, The Future of the Force, Story 9 in the Shadie series.

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Emotional Freedom from Heartbreak and Trauma

An EFT Tapping Therapy Guide and Affirmations

In my previous post on What Is Love To You, I mentioned EFT Tapping Therapy. It is a technique I use to heal past trauma and deal with everyday emotional challenges. It is my go-to healing technique and has worked wonders for me, which is why I have been actively healing with EFT Tapping for more than 5 years now.

What Is EFT Tapping?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It consists of tapping on energy points on your face, body and hands in order to tap into your body’s energy and “rewire”, as it were, your mind to a state that is in balance with your natural emotional state of well-being. Thus, it taps you into healing energy.

Upcoming points of topic:

  • The Tapping Points?
  • How to Tap
  • How To Assess and Address What Needs Tapping
  • Affirmations

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Divine Victoria Dragon age 4 Character Prediction Tarot Reading (Dragon Age Dreadwolf)

Divine Victoria surrenders to the Maker with the Hanged man, upright.
Whoever is Divine Victoria, be it Leliana, Cassandra, or Vivienne, she will surrender to the Maker's will, and will know what changes to apply to the Chant of Light and the Chantry (and all its sub-factions) in the face of the new revealed truths in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.
I dive into Character Predictions for Dragon Age 4 in this Live Stream, where I pick a character's name out of a hat and do a one card draw Tarot Reading.
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