Review + Lore Ep. 3 Dragon Age: Absolution

A breakdown of the lore found in Dragon Age: Absolution Episode 3: The Serpent's Coils, with my review of this episode. From flirtmances and Quydion, to Neb amd an actual cliff hangar, plus what it might mean for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.
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I Dated A Guy Who Looked Like My Brother – And Had the Same Name

Okay, so, Freudian moment here.

Technically, he looked nothing like my brother (according to me). But rudimentarily, if you went by simple description alone…

Tall, blue eyes, blond hair, glasses and a cap. And younger than me.


He’s also a Verb!

As dubbed by my sister after my mother turned his name into a verb.

She literally said to me, “So after supper, you’re going [insert guy’s name]-ing.” Very matter-of-factly, very conclusively. And I just said, “yeah.”

This guy was THRILLED to be made a verb. Seriously, he still brags about it today, that he’s the only guy I dated my mother turned into a verb and that no one else has ever turned him into a verb either.

Who was he?

He was and still is a friend. At the time, when we were both in our early twenties, he was the best friend of the guy I was dating until they fell out (before I dated him). When the guy I was dating dumped me, The Verb was my rebound. I was his rebound too, and we were what we needed from each other for a few months there.

My brother still sometimes teases me that I dated a guy who matches his description and had the same name.

What can I say? They say you’ll date someone who’s like your mother or father or like a grandparent. I suppose you’ll date someone like your siblings, too.🤷‍♀️

How Did It Happen?

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Vodka Saved My Grandfather’s Life During WW2 – A Real-Life Story

Frank had seen and lived through a lot of things during the war. He had spent nights in the trenches, he had eaten guinea pigs, had crushed mosquitos on his back to create a crust so no others could get at him. He had seen friends and comrades die for Poland.

And now he found himself bound and captured by two Russian soldiers.

It was over. The Europeans, the North Americans, the other countries, they had all come to fight the war and declared victory. The enemy was to let any captives go. Oh, but not these two, they were too proud for that.

Frank had escaped captivity and had clumsily escaped death somehow — as his luck had it — throughout the entire war. This was his third war in which he’d fought, he would have liked to think he was better than to get captured right at the end of it by men with egos bigger than his own.

And they were the chatty type on top of that.

He chuckled at his predicament, as his captors set him down, despite one of them hitting his shoulder with the butt of his rifle. They tied him to a picket while they set up a campfire and settled down to rest.

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Suspenseful Encounter – Fiction Short Story — Humor — Tabletop

‘You enter a dank cave with a stream flowing through the centre,’ Michael narrated. ‘Stalactites hang loosely on its ceiling and just as you enter, you hear one rattling as though it’s about to fall.’

Nigel, Samantha, Miriam, and Luke all looked at each other surreptitiously.

‘On one side of the stream there are two cave corridors that lead to different sections of the cave,’ Michael went on, ‘but that side eventually comes to a stop, and on the other side a path that leads to the far end where the cave continues. What do you do?’

‘Well, I want to deal with that loose stalactite before we go any further,’ stated Luke.

‘Yeah, for sure!’ Samantha agreed.

‘Go ahead,’ said Michael.

‘So I shoot an arrow at the stalactite to send it down before it can harm us,’ said Luke.

‘Okay!’ declared Michael. ‘The stalactite comes crashing down and shatters. Unfortunately, you’re all too close and its shards hit you.’

‘Aw, damn!’ sighed Nigel.

‘Everyone, roll for a save,’ Michael prompted.

Everyone rolled. Nigel declared a 1, Luke a 5, Samatha a 12, and Miriam, ‘Nat 20, baby!’

‘Okay, so Miriam takes no damage, Samantha, with a 12, you only take 3 damage. Luke, you take 5 damage, and Nigel, good thing you’re a tank, you take 10 damage.’

‘Yeah, I thought it was going to be something like that,’ lamented Nigel.

‘So now that that’s taken care of,’ began Samantha, ‘I say we go to one of the cave corridors.’

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