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The Portal Key Spell

The Portal Key Spell is the spell that allows one with enough knowledge of magic and powerful enough in magic to enter the Portal that lies in the Dragon’s Lair in Darakön. This spell allows the caster to enter even without the explicit permission of the dragons. Rare exceptions exist where the dragons allowed one to enter without the spell.

A Piece From Kaulchèc History

Before recorded history, the Kaulchèc came to the Great Ocean Valley and taught polcs how to utilise their magic in more powerful and practical ways. These Kaulchèc also discovered that if one enters the Portal, one can understand and master magic more powerfully. Upon reemerging from the Portal, one will be more powerful than any other.

To mitigate greed for power, Teloria’s rulers declared that one could only go through the Portal near the end of their life if they were already powerful enough in magic. In this way, that polc would die and become a star and not reemerge. Thus, the people of Teloria came to an agreement with the dragons who guarded the Portal.

However, greed for power overcame Bortah Mittèlor during King Silovah Firlan Mittèlor’s rule, and the king banished his brother and other members of his family from Teloria, in 2260 of Kaulchèc History. Eventually, fearing that greed would overcome him as well, Silovah Firlan left in exile, with many following him, and formed the small kingdom of Firlan Forest.

Over time, Bortah Mittèlor and his followers and new allies from the western islands, founded Morok, now known as Mork, with the goal to one day gain access to the Portal.

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A Melancholy Farewell – Flash Fiction Romance Angst

He held her face with both hands, tears stinging his eyes.
— ‘You know I’m right,’ she whispered. ‘We can’t be together.’
— ‘I know,’ he breathed.
— She placed her hands on his and gently removed them from her face. She interlaced her fingers with his and he leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers for one final searing kiss. She opened her mouth to let him in and deepened the kiss. They squeezed their clasped hands tightly as their lips lingered on each other, neither of them daring to end the kiss.

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Telorian History – Appendix 1 – Stardust Destinies Lore

A long time ago, in a time beyond that of any we know — in a distant land in a parallel universe, in fact, there lived a people called the Telorians. These people were very peaceful and believed that all living things had magical powers. Indeed, their country was an enchanted place where only good reigned.

Teloria was situated to the north of the Great Ocean. Many villages were part of this territory, which extended from vast forests past the Twisted Rapids. The Telorians had settled there in a time beyond counting. Eventually they congregated in an area between the rapids and the lake, which they named Telor. They were not concerned with exploring too far; they preferred to stay in their large round huts capable of withstanding the cold of Winter, for the weather changed from very hot to bitter cold with the seasons. It was rare that a Telorian would travel; the few Telorians who did explore never went far, and always returned quickly.

And so their sedentary society blossomed, as they lived in harmony with the energy of magic around them.

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Stardust Destinies I Variate Facing – the Book

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