Five of Swords

Rogue Archer

Significance: I don’t know if you noticed this, but often times, if the Inquisitor is an archer, and with some of the archer companions, in some cutscenes, we see five arrows sticking out of the quiver.  Sometimes it’s more, but often I count five.  It could just be the angle, but it could also be relevant to the card.  I find that quite funny.

Swords 05

The card itself represents: Fallout (not the game), defeat, a need for self-confidence, domination by others or oneself over others, personal courage that is required, facing one’s own limitations, forcefulness to achieve goals, grudges, facing adversaries, slander and rumour, etc.

Reversed: Cessation of hostility, vacillation, coming clean, empty gains, deceits that are exposed, honest declarations, stagnation from fear of defeat, detachment, caution, facing a wrong-doing, etc.

Swords 05 O

Five arrows of rich yellow light the scene, where darkness of night and red of blood prevail.  The archer defends his rights and strikes at his enemies from afar, preparing many arrows to fly to their target.  Clad in black, he wears a mask, hiding his identity.  Hooded, he operates from the shadows, yet a moon within a diamond lights up his path, as raindrops fall like arrows upon the ground.  When his arrows take flight, he will end a life; it is the earthly beings, which will join the spirits in their realm, as symbolised with the white moon and losange, as it depicts the unity between the earth and the heavens.  His deceitful arrows also point southwards and towards the earth.  He has not yet taken aim, clarity is required for this execution of action.

What I think this means for DA: Before we can decide a path to take, a choice to make, we need clarity and understanding; we need to understand all that’s involved.  It’s important to keep all that in mind when weighing our options.  Seeing as there are more symbols of life and death, earth and the heavens, it’s more clues of Thedas, the earth, and the Fade, the heavens, the spirit world, possibly coming together.

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