Dragon Age Theories & Predictions Extras

Here are extras to Dragon Age videos I’ve made. For the actual videos themselves, subscribe to DarthShadie Lavellan on YouTube.

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Dragon Age Tarot Transcript for each card + Spreads.

Dragon Age 4 Character Tarot Predictions (Full List)

Sky Map of Thedas with constellations.

Dragon Age Memes I’ve Created

Dragon Age Fan-Fiction

Full List of Playlists from YouTube for my Dragon Age videos (coming soon)

Cosplay Photos

Lucanis Dellamorte Cosplay Photos

Lucanis the Crow Lucanis Dellamorte Dragon Age Cosplay

Lucanis the Crow (Lucanis Dellamorte Dragon Age 4 Cosplay – Binky Productions)

Solavellan Cosplay Photos

Kissing in the Fade (watermark2)

Kissing in the Fade (Celavellan & Frank’Harel)

The Orlesian Noblewoman

Orlesian Noblewoman 6

Celinka Serre – The Orlesian Noblewoman

The Old God Worshipper

Old God Worshipper 15

Celinka Serre – Old God Worshiper

Elves & Vallaslin

Falon'Din Vallaslin 8

Celinka Serre – Falon’Din Vallaslin

Human & Qunari Face Paint

Intense Poison Spider Vitaar (Jan 2017)

Celinka Serre – Intense Poison Spider Vitaar


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