Queen of Swords


Significance: Leliana: rogue and Left-Hand of the Divine, Spy-Master of the Inquisition, former Bard and assassin of Orlais; she commands a squad of agents and is quite pwoerful, with both daggers and arrows.  Is it any wonder she be the Queen of Swords?

Swords 13 Queen

The card itself represents: Women aged 36 and older, a keep perspective, being analytical, observant, planning, precise, detached and unemotional, self-determined, a biting humour, councilors and advisers, etc.

Leliana as the Spy-Master is certainly perceptive and everything else this card represents.

Reversed: Being calculated, fussy, accuracy, penetration, poor judgement, micromanaging, being impractical, suspicious and isolated, loss of composure, ill-tempered, narrow-minded, etc.

Swords Queen

Focused within a circle like a compass, she hugs herself.  Swords, orange like her hair, act as rays from the symbolic sun, as she is after all, the Left-Hand of the Divine.  Her determination embodied by the vibrant colours, her vulnerabilities exposed, yet she wears a hood, she is draped, for she is also Spy-Master.  She gestures with a finger in front of  her to keep quiet, for she holds many secrets.  A crow perched atop her shoulder, symbolises the death this rogue brings onto her enemies.  It also represents the messenger, as it sends forth and brings word to and from her network and spies.  Below, we see a seeker knight riding a steed, most likely her friend, the Right-Hand of the Divine, reminding us of the ever sought truth, which has been kept secret for man ages.  But she, the Left-Hand, she is the Queen of secrets, the Queen of spies, the Queen of stealth, the Queen of Swords.

What I think this means for Leliana: I think she will continue to be our Spy-Master, regardless whether she is Divine or not, and she will work from the shadows to help us find allies whom Solas does not know.

What I think this means for DA: Having a network of spies will be very important.  Solas has spies, the Qunari have spies, we need spies, to find, uncover, and protect, the truth.

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