Two of Coins

Edric Cadash (Male Dwarf Inquisitor)

Significance: It makes sense that out Inquisitors and their races be in the suit of Coins, as the Inquisition becomes wealthy by our doing, the Inquisitor’s doing.  Our choices make the Inquisition gain.  The 2 in numerology symbolises strength, amongst other things, and dwarves are strong and stout.

Coins 02

The card itself represents: Financial balance, considering new financial ventures, learning a new trade or a new skill, energy for achieving goals, improved circumstances, employment and opportunities, weighing options for financial decisions, teaming up to pool resources together, etc.

Reversed: A period of time of inaction, situations needing careful balance, living within means, stress, waste, loss of resources, bad investments, indecision, consolidation that is required, etc.

Coins 02 O

He charges boldly forward, clad in great armour, which represents the stout strength of the dwarven people.  His beard and mustache separated in two part, a symbol of duality, but also that a team of two can corner any foe.  He wields a grey-silver shield, a symbol of defense, protection, its colour representing a modern insight in a world dominated by old teachings; it is a sleek nature to combine both modern and old, the two in balance, for an ideal and better world.  Whilst golden yellow behind him associates to his people’s wealth and how most dwarves are business oriented and driven by the passion he depicts.

What I think this means for DA: The dwarven people may play a part in the future of Thedas’ economy; it’s hard to tell.  It could also mean that with the possible coming wars, resources might become scarce and perhaps the dwarves are best suited to aid in such a crisis situation.  Maybe what becomes scarce are the sources of Lyrium.

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