Ace of Staves

Circle of Magi

Note: The suit is called Staves, not Wands, probably because Mages don’t use wands in Thedas.  They use staves, which is the plural of Staff.  This is probably why they went with Staves for the suit, even if it’s typically Wands.

Significance: The Circle represents the majority of Mages in Thedas, other than apostates or Dalish mages.  It is the center for magic, and for most mages.  The wand is the symbol of one who wields and/or uses magic, and so is the staff.  In Thedas, the staff is the preferred tool for those who wield magic.

Staves 01 Ace

The card itself represents: A new phase in career and/or life, vitality, creativity, bravery and passion, new ideas, leadership, accomplishments, adventure, a new project, discussions, conviction, deals and relationships, taking action, acting without hesitation, the birth of a baby, etc.

The Circle is the establishment and within it are the leaders of the magical arts.

Reversed: Delays and stagnation, misdirection, missed opportunities, burdened work, incompetent leadership, unrealised ambition, decisions that are postponed, fatigue and depletion, weakness, lack of mastery, avoidance, etc.

Staves Ace

A light blue pattern upon beige drapery promotes the conservative outlook many have regarding the Circle of Magi, indicating peace, as many strive there to be, yet warns of tranquility, the ritual that removes a mage’s connection to the Fade and disconnects them from emotion, making them dull and, well, Tranquil.  The order has its traditions, yet the stains and wear marks show they are old and that change may arise.  The symbol of the Circle is reminisce of arms out in front of one, hands meeting in the center, a space shows an opening in the Circle of Magi, of opportunity and unity, despite restriction.

What I think this means for the Circle of Magi: Much has already changed, given the rebellion.  The order will never be the same, mages are forever changed, and now I think it will be more about uniting mages, rather than restricting mages.

What I think this means for DA: I believe the Circle is tied with the Seekers and they could unite, and with what we now know, make Tranquils mages again and reverse the process for many.  And this could have a huge impact in the coming wars for the fight for Thedas.

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