Wapita, Vax and Mildred

Warning: Contains Spoilers for my SWTOR fan-fiction series. wapita, Vax and Mildred are all characters created specifically for Photoshop depictions of their story versions.

Wapita: Bounty Hunter: Mercenary, Healer – Human – Dark Side (Mostly)

Wapita is a Mandalorian from Clan Dargoza who later becomes the clan’s leader. He is human and is introduced early on in the seires. His clan is the rival clan of Clan Kandera. Clan Kandera is Talyc’s clan, who accepted Jedi into its clan. Wapita and Talyc are always at odds, trying to prove their clan the better one. However, the two later come to a truce of sorts and come to respect each other. It takes time to mend bridges, as all rivalries do, but the two eventually get there. After all, they are both Mandalorians and honour their people’s creed.

Wapita grew up with an abusive father who would beat both him and his mother. Wapita one day ended his father’s life, but his mother threw him out onto the streets. He had nothing but the clothes on his back. The at-the-time boy gathered enough credits to get himself off-world. He got in with a group of ciminals, doing odd jobs for them. Shortly after, he met Dargoza, leader of clan Dargoza at the time, a Trandoshan, who took him in and fathered him.

With Dargonza’s help, he hunted those who hunted him for his father’s death and he learnt the Mandalorian creed’s rules and language. He became a full Mandalorian before coming of age, and became one of the most prominent and skilled Mandalorians that Mandalore had to offer.

In-game Wapita is a healer mercenary Bounty Hunter. Story Wapita is a healer mercenary Mandalorian warrior. In-game Wapita hangs out on Manaan at Tiamat’s Lair of Shadows, but occasionally stays at Isabella’s Smuggler’s Haven on Nar Shaddaa for some casino fun.

Agent Vax: Imperial Agent: Sniper, DPS – Rattataki – Neutral Dark Side

Vax is a Rattataki, introduced in Story 8 as a new Mandalorian recruit. He has history with Talyc, for they dated many years back before Vax disappeared on him without a trace. In reality, Vax is an Imperial Agent, Cypher Five, which the other characters in the story learn quickly. When Vax is on mission, he joins Clan Dargoza. It is clear that Vax and Wapita have a thing for each other, though it is not expressed until much later in the series.

Vax also has lingering feeling for Talyc, whom he gets over after a time, except not without trying to drive a wedge between Talyc and Fane first. While he starts off as a bit of the enemy for the Mandalorians, he ends up being a valuable ally who provides them with prototype technology and much information gathered by Imperial Intelligence.

In-game Vax, dubbed Agent Vax, is an Imperial Agent sniper, just like Story Vax. In-game Vax can be found at Isabella’s Smuggler’s Haven on Nar Shaddaa.

Mildred: Smuggler: Gunslinger, DPS – Human – Light Side Neutral

Mildred is another human Mandalorian, who left Mandalore as a teenager to rebel against his parents’ expectations of him. He joined a group of smugglers and quickly moved up ranks, eventually becoming their captain. But he longed to be back with his people, unable to remove the Mandalorian that lived within him. He had always wanted to be a clan leader, but did not wish to go back to the clan he had once been a part of.

Mildred’s crewmates began learning the creed and language of the Mandalorians and offered to be his clan. So Mildred returned to Mandalore, declaring himself a clan leader, willing to pass the necessary trials to prove his title, and introduced his clanmates to the Mandalore. Rich, Mandalore, allowed Mildred to do the trials, which he passed, having maintained his skills, even as a smuggler.

Mildred sporting his two favourite outfits, Smuggler and Mando gear.

Mildred later became the leader of the Mandalorian Blockade, coordinating the ships, and leaving for business runs on occasion, having the best experience in that. He enjoys wearing his armour as much as he enjoys wearing more a more casual outfit, which he wore as a smuggler. In-game Mildred is a gunslinger smuggler; Story Mildred is a gunslinger Mandalorian who also knows how to wield a few other weapons, like assault canons and assault rifles. He is introduced in Story 7 of the fanfic series.

In-game Mildred goes where the wind takes him, he has no set stronghold, yet he prefers to bop from Rosiet’s Temple of Light to Tiamat’s Lair of Shadows to hang out with fellow Mandalorians at times.

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