Lucanis Dellamorte Cosplay

Here are cosplay pictures of Lucanis Dellamorte, from Dragon Age Tevinter Nights. THe cosplay portrays Lucanis how I envision him for Dragon Age 4, based on the little we know of him. There are a variety of images, including concept art recreations, darker settings, and settings with quotes from Lucanis himself, found in Tevinter Nights.

Photos were taken with my Canon Powershot SX730 HS and reworked in Photoshop by me (Binky). Lucanis Dellamorte is portrayed by François St-Maurice. Several backgrounds are royalty free images from Pixabay. Pictures were taken in September 2020.


Darth Shadie, Jedi Eidahs, Rosiet (or simply Rosie)

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