Bach Flower Remedies

Below are the Green Healing audio podcast episodes for Bach Flower Remedies. They are in order of sequence and then alphabetically for each remedy, followed by other episodes that pertain to the Bach Flower Remedies.

What are Bach Flower Remedies?
How to Prepare Bach Flower Remedies
Agrimony – for Mental Torture
Aspen – for Unknown Fears
Beech – for Intollerance
Centaury – for Subservient Personalities
Cerato – for when Seeking Advice from Others
Cherry Plum – for Scary Thoughts
Chestnut Bud – for Failure to Learn from Mistakes
Chicory – for when feeling Possessive and Selfish
Clematis – for Dissociation and Day-dreaming
Crab Apple – for Self-Hatred and Feeling Unclean
Elm – for when Overwhelmed
Gentian – for Discouragement and Dispondency
Gorse – for Hopelessness and Despair
Heather – for Self-concern
Holly – for Hatred, Envy and Jealousy
Honeysuckle – for when Living in the Past
Hornbeam – for Weariness and Mental Fatigue
Impatiens – for Impatience
Larch – for Lack of Confidence
Mimulus – for Known Fear
Mustard – for Deep Gloom
Oak – for Despondency while Struggling on
Olive – for Complete Exhaustion
Pine – for Guilt and Self-Reproach
Red Chestnut – for Anxiety for Others
Rock Rose – for Terror
Rock Water – for Denial and Self-Repression
Scleranthus – for Indecision and Uncertainty
Star of Bethlehem – for Shock
Sweet Chestnut – for Extreme Anguish
Vervain – for Tenseness and Hyperanxiety
Vine – for when feeling Domineering and Inflexible
Walnut – for Protection from Outside Influences
Water Violet – for when feeling Proud or Aloof
White Chestnut – for Unwanted Thoughts and Mental Arguments
Wild Oat – for Uncertainty regarding your Life Path
Wild Rose – for Resignation and Apathy
Willow – for Resentment
Rescue Remedy, Rescue Night and Rescue Cream
Alcohol-Free Bach Flower Remedy Granules
Emotional Literacy and Bach Flower Remedies
ADD/ADHD Natural Remedies

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