Queen of Coins


Note: The Tarot card here is very different to her codex entry tarot.  She is remarkably stunning in that one, perhaps it could have been associated with a romanced Josephine.  The Tarot card depicts more her role in the Inquisition.


Significance: Josephine is the one who takes care of the bookkeeping she ensures everyone gets paid, she establishes alliances that will bring the Inquisition enough coin, not to mention acting as a diplomat for the Inquisition.

Coins 13 Queen

The card itself represents: Women aged 36 or older, fruitfulness, financial plans that are realised, independence, wisdom and maturity, warmth, patience, endurance, stability, dignity, practical ambitions, social position and success, etc.

Josephine is the one in her family able to keep their finances level and does look into reinstating their trading business to secure wealth.

Reversed: Mistakes, imprudence, financial negligence, self-indulgence, disconnection with reality, being suspicious, non-productivity, absence of common sense, etc.

Coins Queen

Clad in golden garments, as she studies the treasury, her head held high for the nobility and financial gains of her family, she holds a feather, its tip red with ink, yet a reminder that a rich life can end if one does not stay on top of its finances, balancing out debt and gains.  The turquoise-blue of the feather is peacock-like, showing us beauty despite uncertainty.  A full moon looms largely behind her, featuring maturity and diplomacy, and the fruition of financial projects.

What I think this means for Josephine and for DA: Her whole legacy and her family’s situation has to do with trade and financial gain or loss.  I do believe the Montilyet fortune may help us in out future efforts, which incorporates Josephine’s future, seeing as the future of Thedas is also Josephine’s future.  I believe the future of Josephine has to do with the future of Thedas, somehow.

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