Chapter Two

Warning: The following chapter contains mature subject matter, which may be triggering to some readers. Reading discretion is advised.

Relsor chose to make his rounds privately to speak with his Jedi prisoners. He decided to keep Shadie for last, and chose to visit Knarf first. As eager as he was to speak with the Togruta Jedi, he felt an affinity towards Knarf and wanted to see how the now Jedi slicer was getting on. 
            Relsor had waited a few days before visiting his prisoners; the isolation was part of his plan and was crucial to ensure that Shadie would begin her descent back towards the dark side. Besides, within the dark side energy stasis, there was no risk of any of them being able to escape. Relsor had hence all the time he needed to move his plan forward; He had only needed to quell his own eagerness to unlock the secrets he needed to unlock. He knew his plan would take time.
            Given that he had momentarily blanked out the other day and how he suspected Jedi Master Lian was behind it, he had decided to let his prisoners suffer in isolation a little bit longer. However, now Relsor could no longer quell his eagerness to speak with them and would no longer wait. Of course, he wouldn’t let that show on his face, nor in the Force.
            He entered the room where Knarf was being held. The slicer turned his head to look at him, he was smiling. Relsor scowled.
            ‘You don’t suppose you have anything more comfortable than this, do you?’ said Knarf. 
            Relsor simply looked at him, blinking a few times. ‘I think right there how you are is how I prefer you,’ said Relsor.
            Knarf laughed. ‘You almost sound like Shadie.’ His glance drifted into the distance. ‘You know, before we arrived here, in her meditation chamber… There’s just something about that room. And the walls have dampeners too, so anyone outside the room can’t hear us. So Shadie can scream as loudly as she wants and I can make her go as crazy with pleasure as I want and…
            ‘Enough! Stop it, Knarf.’ Relsor pinched the bridge of his nose. ‘I’m not interested in hearing about how you and Shadie pleasured each other before boarding my ship.’
            ‘Oh, but I was just getting to get good part,’ said Knarf.

* * *

            Relsor stared at him, incredulous, his mouth agape. Knarf smiled, biting his lips. 
            ‘There’s a pillow in that room, and…’
            ‘No,’ said Relsor. ‘Spare me.’
            ‘Suit yourself,’ Knarf giggled.
            Relsor just looked at him and put a hand to his forehead, shaking his head. Knarf would be damned if he let the Chiss Sith get to him with fear for his Lady. The best thing he could do right now was think about how he’d made love to her and keep that in his mind as a reminder of their love, their strong bond, their Force-bond of love. He supposed it worked, because Relsor left without saying another word. Knarf laughed.
            He looked back at the table where his weapons and helmet lay. He had gotten rid of the Sith quickly enough, he could focus again on trying to access the helmet’s comchannel activation keys. It had occurred to him, as the Sith had installed him in this uncomfortable stasis contraption, that if he could use the Force on his helmet, he could potentially communicate with Talyc, provided his friend had his helmet nearby. He knew Talyc would need a lot of rest and he hoped he was okay. He also knew Talyc would be in good hands with Fane and Lian on Tython.
            Knarf concentrated, and reached out with the Force, feeling the inside of his helmet, feeling the HUD system, he blinked as though blinking here would do the same as blinking in the helmet. Nothing happened. He closed his eyes and focused on a different area instead. He reached, pushed, pulled, trying to simply access the part of the HUD that would activate the comchannel. He heard a small clicking sound before losing his concentration on it. He had been able to access it! His excitement had caused him to break the connection, he knew. This was a beginning.
            Knarf closed his eyes and focused some more. If he could hold it for longer, if he could hold it without closing his eyes, then he could relay everything that went on in this room to his friends.

* * *

            Relsor walked passed Perce, who looked at him quizzically.
            ‘Don’t ask,’ he said.
            ‘Well, that was the quickest interrogation,’ said Perce. ‘Unless you didn’t interrogate him?’
            ‘I said, don’t ask!’ Relsor clenched his teeth, his jaw closed.
            ‘Fine,’ replied Perce. ‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the slicer. He’s arrogant, condescending, thinks he knows better than everyone else.’
            ‘You describing yourself again?’ said Jassahmi as she arrived into the room that gave access to all four holding cells. Perce just looked at her, fuming. Relsor couldn’t help but smirk in amusement. She looked at him. ‘As you requested, the pieces have been gathered and placed to emulate a reconstruction. Once Shadie is ready, it will reform, or at least do what it needs to do as though it had been put back together.’
            ‘Excellent.’ Relsor passed a hand through her hair. She was beautiful, but he still struggled to feel the passion he longed to feel towards someone. He scowled and turned his head to the room where Trylia was being held. No, he’d visit Brenum first, save her for later.
            As though detecting his drifting thoughts, Jassahmi pulled away, frowning. ‘I wonder what she has that has you so fascinated with her,’ she said. Relsor looked at her. ‘You’re obsessed with a Jedi who wants nothing to do with you!’
            ‘You must remember your place, Jassahmi,’ snapped Relsor. ‘Our relationship is one of convenience, nothing more; you know this. I have never pledged myself to you, nor will you manipulate me into doing so. I am your Lord, and you serve me. Never forget that!’
            ‘Like I would have a choice,’ she replied. ‘You know where to find me if you need me.’ She walked away.
            ‘That was a little harsh, even for a Sith,’ said Perce.
            ‘I admit, yes, but,’ he sighed. ‘She is beginning to overstep her ground. I need to keep her in line and remind her of the truth.’
            ‘I understand, but you and I know very well that she is not the reason you are aggravated.’
            Relsor closed his eyes and took a deep breath. ‘I have not felt the kind of passions that Shadie would describe as serene in a long time. The only person who makes me feel it even just remotely similarly to what I once felt is Trylia. She may become my weakness, Perce. I will need you to keep me in check and remind me of my place as the lord and overseer of the True Sith.’
            ‘It will be my pleasure,’ said Perce, looking chipper. He smiled mockingly. ‘As long as you remember you asked me to when I do.’ Relsor laughed. Perce was his only true friend, the person he’d known the longest, the one who knew all his secrets, the one whom he trusted more than he sometimes trusted himself.
            ‘Even if I forget,’ he said. ‘Just don’t be too pleased about it. Remember who’s the true Master of the Crypt.’ 
Perce chuckled. ‘Remember who helped you become it!’
            Relsor suppressed a smile. ‘You have a point.’
            ‘Of course, I do,’ said Perce. ‘Relsor, may I ask the real reason you killed your uncle? Are we certain there were no ulterior motives?’
            ‘Don’t worry, Perce, it was not to exact revenge. The passion I seek, I only felt with one other and Gourd killed her. But that is not the reason I killed him. He was in my way, holding me back. We had plans, you and I, and I needed to claim the True Sith as my own. If Shadie had not killed Kromus, we would have. But it stings me that my uncle took away from me the one who could truly fuel my dark side with a passion that could make me even more powerful than I already was.’
            ‘Then perhaps you can find that once more,’ suggested Perce. ‘If we can find a way to break apart Brenum and Trylia, then perhaps she can fuel your passion, and you can use her in that way, and be even more powerful. This might be exactly what you need to be able to defeat Jedi Lian.’ 
            Relsor smiled and nodded. ‘This is why we work so well together, Perce.’
            Perce inclined his head. ‘Well, that’s obvious.’ He grinned.
            ‘First things first, though,’ said Relsor. ‘Brenum and Trylia await. Shadie awaits. Besides, I need to let her know that her Republic ships have been completely obliterated. But perhaps we can have a bit of fun first.’
            ‘Fun?’ Perce followed him into Brenum’s holding cell. 
            ‘What do you know about the Republic armada that attacked my ship?’ Relsor asked Brenum.
            ‘Nothing that concerns you,’ replied Brenum.
            Relsor sent him lightning. The Jedi moaned in pain, turning his head to the side.
            ‘Then tell me about you and Trylia.’
            ‘My relationship with her is none of your business. If you lay one hand on her…’
            ‘What? You can’t move. You can’t stop me. I am more powerful than you, and nothing will stand in my way, Jedi, not even you.’
            Brenum looked at him with disdain. Relsor was bored with him already. Perce took Brenum out of stasis as Relsor turned to go, and dragged him along with the Force. When they reached Trylia’s cell, Relsor entered first, Perce close behind him. The Togruta looked up at him, angry and sad. At least Knarf seemed to be of more pleasant company. Then again, Knarf had his Lady on his mind. Relsor rolled his eyes. 
            He walked up to Trylia. ‘Hello, my dear,’ he said to her, looking her in the eyes. Trylia floated in her stasis at a perfect angle so her face was at level with his.
            ‘Don’t call me that!’ she spat back.
            ‘I will call you however it pleases me to call you,’ said Relsor. ‘You are mine now.’
            Relsor observed Brenum from the corner of his eye. Perce was keeping him in a semi-choke so he could not speak out, but he was already trying to call out to Trylia or shout at Relsor.
            Trylia stared at Relsor. ‘That’s what you think, but you don’t have me the way you want me, and you will never have me that way.’
            Relsor took her face in his hands, squeezing as he did so. He leaned in closely and whispered in her ear.
            ‘When he is dead, all you will have is me. When I’ve finished with him, the only one who will desire you will be me. When he is no longer in your life, you will see that the only one powerful enough to deserve your affection is me.’
            ‘Don’t kill him,’ said Trylia, shaking with fear.
            ‘Oh, I haven’t done so yet, as you can see,’ said Relsor. ‘I haven’t figured out how I want to kill him, but he is useless to me. Rest assured, he will be dead soon, and your love-bond in the Force will be dead along with him.’
            Relsor was angry; he could feel her through the Force, what she felt for Brenum, her fear for his safety, her disdain for Relsor. He looked at Perce; the human shrugged. Relsor felt fired up to question Shadie now. He had hoped his interaction with Trylia would have gone a bit differently, but she frustrated him. No, she infuriated him. He would have to devise a way to have her want him, to separate her from Brenum. Killing the Jedi would be too easy, but it was something he was considering if the Jedi had no purpose beyond providing information, which Relsor hoped to get from each of them.
            Relsor sent lightning towards Brenum, who screamed in pain. Trylia screamed in alarm. He kept the lightning going and going until Brenum was blue in the face from shouting out so much. Then he stopped. He looked at Trylia and sneered.
            ‘Take him away!’ Perce obliged and removed Brenum from the room.
            ‘Trylia!’ the Jedi cried out. ‘Trylia!!’
            Relsor thought he saw a spark of rage within her eyes.
            ‘Yes, my dear, that’s it. Feel that anger. Feel it, let it fuel your passion. I assure you, I can fill you with a passion you have never felt in you life before.’ He passed his hand on her lekku. ‘I can assure you, you will feel things in a manner for which you will never want anything but my touch.’
            He could feel her trembling. He knew he had touched a sensitive part of her lekku, where the nerves allowed her to feel intensely. He used the Force to permeate his pheromones and he could sense her conflicting emotions, between the love she had for her loyal Jedi, and the immediate pleasure she was sensing from Relsor’s touch.
            ‘The question is, do you want to allow the Jedi Order to hold you back and shackle you down forever? Or do you want to feel for real?’
            He backed away from her. He smiled; her chest was heaving. He would tempt her, but he would not force himself upon her like Brenum thought he would. He would make Trylia want him, because that would be so much more satisfying. And then he wouldn’t have to kill Brenum, the Jedi would sacrifice himself in order to save Trylia and would die by some other way; perhaps Perce or Jassahmi would end up killing him.
            Relsor approached Trylia again. She stared at him with intensity. Then, she spat in his face. Relsor closed his eyes; he should have known she would reach into herself and use her Jedi powers to resist the urges his Force-enhanced pheromones could induce. Relsor wiped the spit off his face with his hand. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered:
            ‘I will return shortly, my dear. Pray, for your boyfriend’s sake, that you behave in a more pleasant manner.’
            Relsor left the room. He took a few deep breaths, lifting his hand up and closing it into a fist. Whether the Togruta played along or not, he would inflict whatever he needed to ensure his plan went as he desired; Relsor’s dark and sinister plan. And as Shadie saw her friends fall one by one, she would fall to the dark side, and then he would use her powers and have what he needs.
Trylia & Relsor (S6 Ch2) w

Relsor Intimidates Trylia (from Healers of the Force, Story 6, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

* * *

            Shadie found herself counting the little tiles that shaped the patterns on the walls; that’s how bored she was. She had reached out towards Knarf through the Force to sense if he was okay, which he was. She had reached out to her friends and had sensed some rather unsettling emotions. She could feel guilt from Trylia. Relsor must have used the Force to try to create arousal in the air; Shadie knew it was that because she had felt it and Knarf had felt it too, she’d felt him feel it.
            Ever since they had been locked up separately in these Force stasis chambers, Shadie had been practicing her Force-telepathy with Knarf. It hadn’t been very effective, but they had managed conveying a few thoughts to each other, more than mere emotions or sensing the emotions of the other.
            Shadie sighed. She hoped her friend would stop feeling guilty for something over which she had no control. Relsor’s pheromones had been intense, Shadie had wanted Knarf the instance she had felt them. She was pretty sure had someone been in the room with her, she might have felt something towards them too. It was a twisted form of manipulation.
            The door opened and in walked Relsor.
            ‘Finally,’ she said. ‘I was beginning to get bored. Did you know, that wall holds over two thousand little tiles? Seven hundred grey ones, five hundred blue ones, one thousand…’
            ‘I don’t care!’ Relsor looked at her, scowling.
            ‘By the way, whatever you did earlier, I felt it. Had Knarf been here…’ She laughed, seeing Relsor’s incredulous face.
            ‘Not you and all.’ Relsor rolled his eyes. ‘And Knarf was thinking about that even before I did anything in the Force.’
            ‘Well, next time Knarf and I have the chance to, uh, you know, you want to do that? It will enhance our energies.’
            ‘No,’ said Relsor, shaking his head. ‘No!’ He looked incredulous and bemused at the same time. ‘I’m not going to join in on you, or…’ Shadie laughed. ‘You and Knarf are just as bad as each other.’ Shadie shrugged. ‘Anyway, I’m not here about that. I wanted to speak with you.’
            ‘Took you long enough.’ Shadie took a formal tone. ‘Well, go ahead.’
            ‘There was a very large Republic fleet that attacked my ship the moment Jedi Fane and his lover, Talyc, went into hyperspace. I was forced to shoot upon the fleet.’
            ‘Okay.’ Shadie wondered where this was going.
            ‘I obliterated the fleet.’
            Shadie was shocked, not regarding the fleet, for she knew Supreme Chancellor Emain had planned something and had told her to trust his plan without worry, so that’s what she was doing, but that Relsor had completely obliterated the fleet, it could only mean one thing.
            ‘You weren’t kidding about the superlasers, were you?’ She let her face grow serious; she didn’t want to give everything away to Relsor.
            ‘I know you know more,’ said Relsor.
            Shadie pressed her lips together. Stang! She looked away. Suddenly, she was filled with the hot cold sensation of pain, of lightning pulsing through her body.
            ‘Tell me what you know!’
            Shadie screamed and panted. ‘All I know is that the Supreme Chancellor wanted to figure out if you had superlasers like you claimed or not. And that’s the truth. Ah!’ Shadie screamed again, as more lightning filled her body. ‘I swear on Knarf’s life, that is all I know. Emain told me to trust him and he didn’t tell me more.’ That was the truth. 
            Relsor stopped and stared at her for a moment. He nodded. She was breathing deeply.
            ‘Mark my words,’ Relsor said dryly, ‘your Supreme Chancellor is going to get his due and will regret testing me.’
            He turned and walked out of the room. When she knew he was far enough, she closed her eyes and entered a brief healing trance, one fuelled by her new powers, the powers she needed to keep hidden from Relsor. She had sensed something from him, some sort of eagerness. Whatever he needed her for, she would remember her Pure-Blood friend’s words of advice. If she needed to tap into the dark side, she would use his, not her own.

“Healers of the Force” is written by Celinka Serre (2021).

Disclaimer: The Characters in this Fan-Fiction are new and have original names. The story is an original written work. The story is derivative and consistent of Fan-Fiction since it borrows the franchise world of Star Wars. Certain jargon and places, or concepts mentioned, along with the SW Old Republic universe belong to Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney. No characters or story lines from the films are used. No story lines or characters from the games or books are used. A handful of characters from the games may be referenced, but are not the main focus in this fanfic story.  This fan-fiction story falls under Fair Use.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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