7 – The Chariot

Dorian (Romanced)

Significance: The Chariot brings balance between diverging forces, so it indicates an ability to take charge and bring a team together despite differences.  Dorian is Tevinter, but represents what is good and recognises is bad and what needs to change.  Therefore, he could be a good leader for that sort of change.

7 - The Chariot

The card itself represents: Balance, emotions, needs and desires, control and conquest, victory, assets, heritage, patriotism, public persona, merits that are recognised, successful actions, good health, relocation, etc.

Dorian does inherit a seat in the Magistereum and wants to fix Tevinter’s poor public perception and make it good again, so people see it as good and not as the worst thing ever.  As for Relocation, well, we’re going to Tevinter in the next game.

Reversed: Inaction, impatience, indecision, indulgence, obsessions, neediness, vanity, unrealistic goals, lack of reason or logic, incompletion of work, alienation, family upsets, etc.

07-The Chariot

A dark serpent coils around his army, reflective of the dark history his people possess, yet he holds out a white flower, offering it.  He is Tevinter, but his intentions are pure.  Golden rings upon his fingers, he bears riches, but is not greedy with these fortunes.  A gloved hand holds a golden pendant with a serpent bearing two heads, a reflection of the two opposing views Dorian is able to see in regards to Tevinter, both good and bad aspects.  Turquoise gemstones indicate wisdom, nobility, and the power of immortality.  Pale markings light up his skin as if by magic.

What I think this means for Dorian: He wants to remake Tevinter’s name, and he will give of himself to make that possible.

What I think this means for DA: I think exposing both the good and bad aspects of Tevinter will balance out forces of magic and perceptions, which will ultimately lead to understanding and new discoveries.

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