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Welcome to Binky Ink, a division of Binky Productions. Here you will find many written works, including fiction, fan-fiction, blogs, and other written works.

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Stardust Destinies – A High Fantasy Young-Adult book series, with Action-Adventure and romance subgenres, taking place in a new realm filled with dragons, magic, prophecies and wizards. The first of many books has been published.



Darth Shadie SeriesA series of Fan-Fiction novella-type stories, taking place in the Old Republic Era of the Star Wars galaxy, with new characters and story lines, including Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, new factions, and many alien species.

Dragon Age Fan-Fiction – A series of Fan-Fiction Short Stories taking place in Thedas, the realm of the Dragon Age video game franchise.

Mass Effect Fan-Fiction – A series of Fan-Fiction Short Stories taking place in Milky Way or Andromeda galaxies of the Mass Effect video game franchise.

Healing Through Humour – a caricaturised outlook on situations one may live while dealing with C-PTSD, anxiety, depression and other trauma based symptoms.

The Haunted Spider and The Queen of the Meadow (Lyanna Natura), two contest entries as Contest Winner, for the fan-fiction category of Steem Monsters/Splinterlands (Interactive Card Game with RPG elements).

Sapphire Prophecies– Originally having begun as a potential Web Series, now being written as an RPG video game. Still in the writing process. Will eventually be looking for a team of writers to join me as well as 3D animation game developers. If interested, you can contact me.

Binky’s Blog – a sporadic blog that discusses topics related to indie filmmaking and video production, tutorials, anecdotes, and other such topics.

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