Knight of Coins

The Champion of Kirkwall (Hawke)

Significance: Before becoming the Champion, Hawke had to buy back her or his family’s estate, work in service of Kirkwall for free to pay off any debts that had been incurred, and then eventually became into his or her own fortune.  As a Knight of Coins, Hawke thus conquered poverty.

Coins 12 Knight

The card itself represents: Men aged 36 and older, auspicious occasions, job opportunities, being credible, perfecting and improving, creating a business, diligent services, goals that are achieved, mending, enthusiasm, etc.

The mending part to me seems to describe Hawke’s nature, part of it at least.

Reversed: Making the wrong decisions, weakness, being reckless and complacent and idle, incompetence, bad judgement, haste, lack of discretion, hesitation, loss of allies, relinquished goals and plans, etc.

Coins Knight

A double talon with six claws reaches down in the center of a circle, the white hoop thus far associated with the human race, representative of the unity the Champion of Kirkwall was able to achieve.  Two eyes and a beak can be seen, for this bird is akin to the Champion’s name: Hawke.  The first circle is within a larger circle, the totality as grand and massive as the giant wings the claw draws out to be, dark and black, sharp, keen, with a great awareness.  Flooring in diamond tiles of lime and green hues, the bird flies, the element air, yet is grounded, the element of earth, and thus has vision and foundation.  On the Hawke’s feathers we see small symbols, like on a map: a quarry, a tower, a dig site, a mouse that can scurry secretly in the night, chains that imprison one to their fate, an anchor that stabilises us when things are moving too quickly.  And lastly, its feathers make the Champion’s own face.  The hawk is Hawke.

What I think this means for Hawke: I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Hawke, regardless where Hawke ended up by the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

What I think this means for DA: Whomever was left in the Fade is not dead.  I’m not sure how exactly, but it’s possible.  I think somehow, they’re not dead, and I think Hawke will be in the next DA game (just a feeling I’ve got).

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