Compendium of Orlesian Theatre Characters

These are screenshots and images from the comical series of videos I made from the codex entries titled: A Compendium of Orlesian Theatre. It is from Dragon Age. Here are all the characters, categorised by play, ending with Magister Pellinar, the “narrator” of these videos. All these characters were played by Celinka Serre.

If you’d like to (re)watch these parody videos, you can find the playslist on YouTube.

The Sword of Drakon, where Drakon’s birthday crown breaks a bottle.


The Heir of Verchiel, where an assassin upstages the two main characters.

Wilkshire Downs, where a mayor in bathrobes has too much flatulence.

The Setting of the Light, where one of the characters should be a Sith.

Death in the Mansion, where the crime scene is investigating a chalked out invisible body.

Magister Pellinar, the narrator of all these plays who explains his thoughts at the end of each scene.


Darth Shadie, Jedi Eidahs, Rosiet (or simply Rosie)

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