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Stardust Destinies is a Fantasy book series taking place in a realm known as the Great Ocean Valley, where magic is strong and prophecies are dictated by dragons. Published by Binky Ink, the first of its many installments was published in May of 2019.

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Celinka Serre is an indie writer and video producer, working in freelance and sharing short stories of various genres and anecdotes on Medium. She believes in the freedom of creativity and has continued to pursue her dreams. Having begun writing Stardust Destinies at age 19, the novel series is but one of her many endeavours , being also a writer of fan-fiction, various indie film screenplays, and a few collaborations as well.

Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing is the first of the primary quintology.

The fate of the lands rests in the hands of five unlikely heroes who, bound by magic, must defeat overwhelming odds.

Prompted by a cryptic message, five polcs secretly leave Teloria to embark on a journey to discover many truths. It is dangerous, in this time of war, and soon, our five heroes find themselves travelling to farther lands than they had anticipated, where they discover their Stardust Destinies.

Thus begins the war for the Freedom of Life.

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Get acquainted with the Great Ocean Valley and its history and people with The Stardust Destinies Appendices. Free PDF Download.

Note: A new and more up-to-date version of the Appendices will soon be available.

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Let yourself be enchanted by the fantasy medieval music of the Great Ocean Valley.

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Clahria’s Song is now available as a single track in Harp Version. Let yourself be transported as though you yourself were hearing Clahria play her harp.

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