Resolute Protector’s Goop

I’ve been having fun with the Resolute Protector’s armor set. Several characters wear it. In fact, several characters wear it as part of their updated backstory. So here’s a quick overview, just for the fun of it with a good close up of their armor set and why they have that colour scheme.

So pretend that the Resolute Protector set is a full colour set with no speckles or anything like that.

Hawke Persistent Gore

After being extracted from the Fade, Hawke gained herself a scar and new armor. Fighting in close combat, she gets a lot of blood spatter on it. Remind you of anything? Persistent gore, maybe?

Medeusa Persistent Gore

Same goes for Medeusa, her armor is black as opposed to white, she found hers on the Gravestone and decided to don it on and give herself a slightly different look. Not that Arcann won’t recognise her, but still, it’s less obvious without her head horns.

Rosiet Cotton Candy

Now, the way Rosiet has it is a bit more curious. You see, after having a girl’s night out, she wanted to borrow Hawke’s armor and pass as a trooper, following a bet from Daenerys. Hawke allowed her to borrow it and Rosiet offered to clean it up at the same time. The thing is, the girls decided to go into a cotton candy factory. Somehow the machinery didn’t do too well with such a strong Force user present and the machines malfunctioned right when Rosiet was passing by. Yes, Rosiet got sprayed with cotton candy: pink on one side and blue on the other. It’s cute, it’s fitting, Rosiet is a bit more rosy with this new look. What complicates matters here is that it’s not just simple spatter, it’s literally massive spray, thickly coated on.

Rosiet with her Goop on Nar Shaddaa

Rosiet thought this was funny until they got back home and realised that the candy sort of glued the armor and it was stuck on her. Rosiet had to get it cleaned very thoroughly in order to be able to remove it. Of course Isabella had forbidden her to do so and had organised a Licking event at her Smuggler’s Haven, for her Casino Spa Resort, where contestants competed at how much of the stuck on cotton candy they were able to lick off the armor and the winner wins a grand prize.  

Rosiet and her goopy mount, or at least goop matching mount.

Rosiet amusingly participated in this event, while Alagos was none too pleased about strangers licking his wife. Then again, no one knew a Jedi was in that armor and no one was actually licking her, just the armor. When enough was licked off that she was able to remove the armor, she revealed the winner and Isabella granted him his prize. Rosiet keeps the armor with the remaining cotton candy on it, but is now able to remove it when she wishes. She has purchased a new one for Hawke, which has become newly stained with the blood of her foes.

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