Hawke and Isabella

Warning: Contains minor spoilers on class stories and on Shadow of Revan and Fallen Empire stories.

Hawke is my Operative, working for Imperial Intelligence. The female voice actress happens to be the one who voices female Hawke in Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition. So, for this one, I went a bit differently RPwise. Hawke, is in fact, Hawke.

The story is that there were a group of unorthodox Sith working with Sith Alchemy and they managed to look into other realms where there are warriors and heroes who possess great power. They saw into the land of Thedas and saw Hawke. Through the use of Sith Alchemy, a device of dark side power usable only by the powers of the dark side, and their combined power, they abducted Hawke from her realm of Thedas and brought her into theirs. They wiped her memory using the Force and implanted her with a chip to control her, which she later on manages to neutralize. This chip makes her a Cyborg. They programmed her with new memories and planted her as an Intelligence officer, monitoring her and using her skills for their secret benefit, as Sith look on and inspect the Intelligence offices regularly. They of course thought they had her under their control, which they did, for a time.

Hawke and her third eye
Hawke: Imperial Agent: Operative, DPS – Cyborg – Light Side

This coincides with the time Cassandra Pentaghast questions Varric Tethras back in Thedas about Hawke’s whereabouts as she has temporarily disappeared off the grid.

Back in SWTOR’s galaxy, Hawke manages to neutralize the chip that controls her. Also, as if it is the will of the Force, she meets Isabella, a Twi’lek smuggler.

Update: Isabella is now used to depict the character Nriwe in my SWTOR fan-fiction series, who is a Mandalorian of Clan Kandera. She later marries Lian Kloh and becomes a devoted mother to her children, balancing the life of a Mandalorian and that of the wife of a powerful Force-user with Force-sensitive children.

Isabella speaks the language of credits, similarly to a bounty hunter, but unlike Kalros, she doesn’t kill you. She’ll refuse a mission if the credits aren’t good, but she’ll stick her neck out, or at least her toothpick, if you’re good on your word, and for friends, she’s always willing to lend a hand. She’s a bit of a flousy. She gets around. She has a bit of a…licking habit. Where she grew up it was their greeting. She did not grow up with other Twi’leks, she was raised by a cantina owner who adopted her. Perhaps it was the ale she liked to lick off people’s faces as a child, who knows. But she continues to lick people to this day, some in the guild will attest that she licked the wrong Jedi’s fiancé. ‘’What, it’s just a friendly lick. It’s like saying hello.’’

New Isabella
Isabella: Smuggler: Scoundrel, DPS – Twi’lek – Light Side

Upon meeting, the two girls hit it off right away. Hawke also began remembering who she was. The name Isabella prompted memories of her friend in Thedas, Isabela, the pirate who smuggled goods. This Twi’lek also smuggled goods and her bold personality triggered the memories to begin their return. Isabella admits being skeptical to the Force but she could not ignore the coincidences here. She was the first one Hawke told her true identity to.

While Hawke is in the world of SWTOR, she lives at ‘’Isabella’s Smuggler’s Haven’’. She has her own room, with a lot of Voss decorations, which are a little reminisce of Thedas decorations. Isabella’s smuggling fortune has allowed her to settle into a place and create the perfect home and turn a profit from it at the same time. She has a cantina, a lounge cantina with a Sabbaac table and downstairs a  Huttload of slot machines. She also has a spa. Her Haven is a Casino and Spa resort for anyone willing to pay the credits. Jedi, Sith, Empire, Republic, Eternal Empire, whoever. As long as you pay and you don’t make a mess or kill anyone, you won’t be kicked out. Anyone who attempts to use violence is in violation of the whole purpose of the relaxing spa and a Trandoshan bodyguard is there to make sure people behave. Isabella is saving up her earnings to buy a replica of Karragga’s statue to put at the entrance.  And if that fails, Kalros has promised her a Hutt in carbonite, Isabella has just to give the word.

Isabell ahides on Makeb.jpg
Isabella attempts to hide on Makeb

Time in SWTOR does not advance the same way as time in Thedas, but Hawke does become worried too much time will pass in Thedas and her absence will not go amiss. A way is eventually found for Hawke to return to Thedas and return to the time of her choosing. Thus her return in time for when Varric reaches out to her to enlist her aid in the Inquisition.

The way that she returns, when she does, is, through meetings and friendships. Alagos is able to locate the device that was used to abduct her. Once the Sith controlling it are dealt with, Alagos convinces the Sith he knows (Shadiesse and Medeusa) and the Dark Side Jedi to join him in an attempt to activate the device. Together they are able to send Hawke back into the land of Thedas, an ordeal they do not know if Hawke will have any memory of in the end once back in her land.

From that device however, Isabella is able to look out for her friend. And she checks in with Alagos and some of the Jedi every now and then, so that they can have a look and make sure Hawke is all right.

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