Nine of Cups


Significance: A Behemoth is practically all red lyrium, and almost the most powerful of Corypheus’s minions.

Cups 09

The card itself represents: Plentifulness and fulfillment, wishes that are granted, prosperity, a happy future, success, rewarded efforts, material and emotional attainment, positive environments, accurate intuition, victory, performance, etc.

Reversed: Overturned success, poor choices, suspicion, disturbed tranquility, selfish desires, self-indulgence, sorrow, irresponsibility, squandered future, complacency, blind faith, emotional blockages, foolishness, etc.

Cups 09 O

The embodiment of the all consuming corruption itself, the Behemoth sees only death and torture. It sees the darkness that surrounds all and threatens to engulf everything.  A white moon shines upon the darkness, showing the truth to all who can see it.  A clawed hand reaches out monstrously, ready to pierce through the veils of reality and expose the corruption seeping into and out of everything.

What I think this means for DA: I feel that these creatures on these cards are getting more and more morbid, or perhaps it’s my interpretation of it, but there is a sort of morbid and dark aspect to Dragon Age, and I think if we’re not careful, if we don’t gather enough resources, we could see a very dark and morbid end to the game, whether in DA4 or DA5 or another one.  It really depends; the ending could be happy, tragic, morbid.  It’s in the realm of the endless possibilities.

Links to the Tarot Decks Used in the Comparison, the DAI Tarot Deck, and the Books used to determine what the cards actually represent:

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